Action, Reaction

So this happened at a Manhattan Shake Shack:

3 NYPD cops hospitalized after complaining of bleach taste in milkshakes

We have a Shake Shack here in the Legacy West area of Plano.  Guess I won’t be going there for a while, even if they are open.

Or maybe I’ll go and picket their establishment when they reopen.  I have nothing better to do.


  1. And it says much about the quality of the cops that they tossed the shakes rather than – you know – keep them as evidence.

  2. As I remember the kerfuffle when SS took PPP money and had to give it back, the stores are franchises. The one in Plano would be owned and staffed by people from Plano and is probably fine. The one in New York is full of New Yorkers.

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