1. Anything is a possible sex position if you’re adventurous (and flexible) enough.

  2. Men: The enormous rack implies sex position. Plenty of less amply racked women doing yoga but I’m not seeing any gratuitous photo layouts of them. Photo layout = yank bait = implied sex. Go ahead, prove me wrong….once you get both hands back on the keyboard. >:-]

    Women: The enormous rack implies sex position. Big rack inspires envy of those big sex magnets. They’re thinking “I could get anyone I wanted to fuck me like that if I had those.” Granted their interest is more about power than sex or exercise, but its a means to an end.

  3. Field check positions to determine if enormous rack has been “enhanced”, just in case there was any doubt.

  4. Saw the 3rd pic posted somewhere else not too long ago … maybe over at Kenny’s place .. Wirecutter .. Knuckledraggin … ogdaa.blogspot.com .. caption was along the lines of “This yoga position is called half his pension”

  5. The tensile strength of those shoulder straps is certainly impressive…

    I’ll take number 3 as a sex position for half my possessions, Kim.

  6. I think Yoga started out as a sex cult, so the answer is “both”.

    Oh, and the proper name of the 3rd position is “my kids need a new daddy”:-D

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