Hell To Pay

Seen as part of this article:

“The real question is not whether Trump will leave office in the event that he loses, but whether Democrats will accept the result if he wins.”

Hell, they didn’t accept his election in 2016, so expect the Loony Hysteria Switch to be pushed from 10 to 15.

It may involve mass rioting — worse than at present — and overt rebellion.  Clean yer guns and make sure of your ammo stocks:  this could get interesting.


  1. I absolutely agree that November will see mega riots and violence if The Donald wins. I am not sure he will, cause the American public did elect a Kenyan Muslim Communist gay dope smoker…TWICE ! But my thinking is that the Floyd BLM riots amount to a shake out cruise for the left. Lord help us…

  2. Why do you think that the MSM is breathlessly parroting the polls and statistics showing Biden well ahead of Mr. Trump?
    Well, perhaps it is to make it a certainty when Trump wins that he “stole” the election.
    The dims are so used to fraudulently winning elections that they believe that their opponents have learned to do so.
    With the ground so well prepared, when Trump wins, the reaction will be violent and widespread.

    1. Yes. To quote Smokey Yunick about some race in the sixties when all the other crew chiefs wanted to inspect the car of the winner. “They all knew how much they were cheating, they wanted to know what he did to win.”

  3. The one bad thing about living so far out in the sticks that we only see Antifa/BLM loons on TV from somewhere hours away by car. Of course, I suppose we could just snipe at cars on the highway with WA/OR/CA license plates?

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