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With commentary short and sweet, like Ariel Winter.

actually, NOT buying a gun in the face of Wokist riots and BLM looting is madness, but it’s the LA Times.

and the Boy Scouts finally become the Pussyboys.

not that I was ever planning to go there, mind you, because Third World ShitholeAlso, three grand will buy you an awful lot of teenage hookers in next-door Thailand, Cambodia’s main competitor for tourism dollars.

coming from a nation founded on convict settlements.  Irony so thick it’s bullet-proof.  And speaking of Aussies:

I don’t even want to start working out the math in this one.

ah, just add it to the trillions of acre-feet of dust we already have;  we won’t even notice it.

I look forward to the the mega-ironic defacement of the statue of Nelson Mandela, just a few yards away.  Oh wait;  he was a terrorist?  Ain’t gonna happen then, unless someone discovers that he once raped his secretary #MeToo.

until the Wokist pussies in the new Fox News management team cancel his show because virtue-signaling is more important than ratings.

okay, quit that giggling , you lot. The only way this could be funnier is if all the ones throwing Mazel Tov cocktails [sic]  somehow set themselves on fire too.


  1. Kim,
    Thanks again for more pics of Ariel Winter. Bravo.
    As an Eagle Scout, I can say without reservation that The Scouts became pussy boys long ago. Scouting’s original stated purpose was to develop boys in to young MEN. When the suburban soccer-mom everyone-gets-a-trophy crowd forced them to start taking girls among the ranks, it all fell to shit. Scouting was originally about excellence, in mind, body, spirit. It was never about diversity and inclusion, wokeness, BLM and any other bit of politically correct nonsensical bullshit.

    1. Yeah, when the Son&Heir got his Eagle, a dozen years ago, the rot was already starting to set in.

      1. As a pre-1972 program Eagle Scout, we thought it had set in in 1972, when they changed their program to emphasize “urban scouting”. One notable change we noticed then was the instruction that if one became lost, to “ask a policeman for assistance.”

  2. The Churchill statue article stated that Londinistan Mayor “Khan went on to suggest that supposedly racist monuments should be replaced with statues honouring LGBTQ+ and BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) figures.”
    Will that be a statue of a black African tranny in a dress buttfucking an Asian wearing fuckme chaps? Or maybe in some leather and chains bondage outfit? Ooh, the titillated public can hardly wait.
    Oh, Europe, I hardly know thee since you’ve been overrun by Africans and Asians who won’t assimilate, but demand to stay in their failed cultures.
    In recent years the floodgates have opened, and too many immigrants, especially blacks, continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a Western culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by decay, destruction, degeneracy and violence. London likewise. Yet blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger, resentment and denial. Their uncontrolled primal urges are bringing Africa to the rest of the civilized world, and the Wokes in Western societies, also in blind denial, are seeding the means of their own destruction and ours.

  3. The time to buy a gun is well before things look like they’re about to go South in a hurry. So while the “Gun sales surge” may not be “madness”, I think it’s a sure sign of ill preparedness.

    If there’s one thing this Bat Flu Pandemic has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is that it’s not enough to stay ahead of the disaster; you also need to stay at least a step ahead of the government and whatever idiotic brainstorm they’ll come up with next.

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