Yeah, Whatever

Here’s a big nothingburger for you:

The Jockey Club have taken the dramatic decision to cut the Randox Grand National field size by 15 per cent to safeguard the Aintree spectacular’s future.

Next April, the world’s most famous race will see a maximum of 34 runners go to post instead of 40. The Jockey Club, who run Aintree, believe it is imperative to make the move now and say they have taken the decision in the interest of the health and safety of all human and equine participants.

News flash: nobody cares.  The only reason most people (including me and my Readers) show any interest in Aintree at all is this:


Yep;  Train Smash Women, in all their magnificent failures.  The races?  Only for the owners and jockeys.


  1. I went to Churchill Downs for opening night several years ago and watching the horses race was great! Too bad all the horse tracks including trotters near me have closed. The dog tracks have closed too


  2. As my mother used to say when she saw this kind of thing, “Don’t they have someone in their life who cares enough about them to tell them how awful they look?”

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