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Viagra is turning the UK into a nation of dirty old men – it should be banned

12 October 2023 • 6:00pm

There are not many upsides to growing older, but surely the freedom from 80-something sex addicts on pills is one of them

Then follows a whole bunch of words, basically going wah wah wah men are pigs, even old ones.  My take:  shut the fuck up and leave us alone, you foul harpy.  (I should point out that said harpy was once extramaritally bonked by Boris Johnson…)  Read the rest, if you want.

Of all the pills in all the world, Viagra is proving to be one of the most pernicious. It may have started as a benign miracle cure for the less enterprising in amours, but, according to new statistics, it is making Britain a country for dirty old men. A record number of males over the age of 70 are popping the little blue pills, as often as they take their statins and felodipine.

Last year, the over-70s received a record 282,000 prescriptions, including 7,000 for nonagenarians, the eldest patient being 99. There used to be a saying: “Better an old man’s darling than a young man’s slave.” Or, to spell it out, better for single, grown-up women to be romanced by quiescent septuagenarians with open wallets and open-heart surgery, rather than younger bon soldats with a ravenous appetite to merge.

In this wide, wicked universe, there is nothing quite as comforting as a relationship with a man who can answer for your future, even if he can’t answer for his own. The French call it “amitie amoureuse”, and it was love without the pressure of unwarranted expectations in the boudoir. In fact, it was a blessed relief. But Western civilisation is a self-limiting disease. There are thumping parodoxes in its philosophy, and some of them have a suicidal smack.

According to Frank Furedi of Kent University, “Contemporary culture sends out the signal that sex is for life. A lot of elderly men feel they must have a full-on sex life by any means necessary. They are fast becoming Generation Viagra.”

But sex isn’t for life. Its actual purpose is to create life, something we have lost sight of in our fiery revolt against the traditions of our ancestors and our headlong rush into the ravine of transience and self-destruction. There is, in any case, a form of human striving understood far better by the inhabitants of a modern democracy, and that is the striving for gratification without responsibility, and a belief in the divinity of the human body.

In the West, there is a misconception, fostered by magazines, social media and the new body acceptance, that insists on an equality of desirability and the right to act on it. But the human body, except for a short time in youth, is not a beautiful thing. It is a hideous thing.

Women understand this better than men. Our own bodies give us no pleasure. It is our constant effort to disguise, alter or conceal them. We never expose them aesthetically, but only as an act of provocation. The human body, compared to a vase, is very defective in form. It has clumsily distributed masses which become even clumsier with age. Most men, however, are aesthetically deaf, dumb and blind, a disability reinforced by their vanity.

Their natural instinct is to investigate every stranger of the opposite sex with a view to deciding whether to behave towards them in an amorous manner. This instinct is inhibited when they are travelling on the Tube at rush hour, but Generation Viagra is becoming a menace behind closed doors. Look what it did to Hugh Hefner, who died in 2017, at 91.The ultimate playboy was unable to play any more, without resorting to drugs. According to his widow, Crystal, who was interviewed two months ago, he took so much Viagra it made him deaf in one ear, and their relationship a misery. Poor former playmate Crystal. She married a decrepit millionaire in the reasonable expectation of pipe, slippers and blank cheques, and ended up with a hard-of-hearing sex addict. It shouldn’t happen to nice girls.

I cannot help but think that Rishi Sunak missed a trick here. Restrictions on the sale of Viagra, as opposed to on the sale of cigarettes, would have held surprising allure for countless women up and down the country. If those born in 2009 won’t be allowed to smoke in 14 years, then men born before 1950 should be prohibited Viagra, if only for their own good. Other side-effects of this medicine, and its unholy twin Cialis, include blindness, nosebleeds and heart failure. There are not many upsides to growing older, but surely the freedom from dirty old men on pills is one of them.

I have indirect experience of this myself. An 87-year-old of my acquaintance, heretofore a well-behaved widower of 10 years, went to his doctor a month ago, with disastrous consequences. He is now refusing to see his female friends unless they have sex with him. Viagra has become damaging to everyone’s peace of mind, as well as to our ability to form the comfortable and happy relationships that our parents and grandparents enjoyed. We are creating a lost generation of elderly male delinquents.

Sorry, I can’t give you that time back.


  1. “Petsy” Wyatt was never married to Johnson – she had an affair with him while he was married to his second wife, Marina.

    Kind of relevant, given the subject of her burblings.

    1. Older men often lose the ability to get and maintain an erection. Viagra takes care of that.

  2. Wow. Lot of angst over a short acting pill.

    Wonder what’ll happen to her brain when she finds out about cialis.

    Makes your manly hydraulics perform for an entire weekend.

    1. I take 5mg of Cialis daily as treatment for BHP. If I anticipate evening entertainment, I’ll break a 20mg in half and pop that 30 minutes before the panty drop.

      I was married for 34 years to a woman that suffered a disabling lung disease literally on our honeymoon. As her health deteriorated over the next few years, she found it impossible to have sex and ultimately, around the 4th year, she gave up. I effectively became celibate for the next 18 years, and aside from 1 final performance during a brief rebound period, the next 12 years were as non-conjugal as the previous 18–that part of my life was over. She passed after almost 2 years in the hospital and I retired from the Navy and moved to Arizona to get my hermit on.

      Fortunately for me, I met a very attractive young nurse practitioner who is 15 years younger than I, and she has a libido that is helping me catch up for lost time. Thanks Cialis, for the scratching pole.

  3. Vitamin V is great! It keeps old men from rolling out of bed and falling down at the nursing homes!

  4. > Women understand this better than men. Our own bodies give us no pleasure. It
    > is our constant effort to disguise, alter or conceal them. We never expose them aesthetically,
    > but only as an act of provocation.

    What a load of bollocks.

    First off, there are lots of women who *do* get pleasure from their bodies, from athletes who get pleasure from performing their preferred physical activities, to women who…let’s just say “know how they want it” and either give it to themselves, or help their partner figure it out.

    Secondly, men, at least historically and still today, are the primary source for hard labor. Go watch a roughneck man handling bits of an oil well, bricklayers, etc. They get their pleasure from their bodies for about 10 minutes a week.

    What the author fails to realize–out of a rather typical (for leftists) unwillingness to really consider what is going on–that these men have *NOTHING ELSE LEFT*. They can’t work anymore, either because their bodies are broken down from years at hard labor, or they’ve aged out of their professions, and *nobody wants grandpa around*.

    Also note, they aren’t having sex with other old men. There’s plenty of old ladies with a jar of coconut oil who are more than willing.

  5. I see Petronella hasn’t been clued in yet. We’re supposed to be accepting all sorts of things today. We’re supposed to accept that lard-ass Lizzo is a fit and healthy model to emulate. We’re supposed to accept that William Thomas, Bruce Jenner, and Dylan Mulvaney are women despite the johnson in their panties. We’re supposed to accept drag queens “entertaining” kids and porn in school libraries with some words I didn’t know until I’d come across my first copy of Penthouse. Get with it, Petronella. You must accept dirty old men with drug induced erections. The rest of us have to accept much, much worse.

  6. when I see one of these types of rants, I gotta wonder if the real issue isn’t that those dirty old men aren’t interested in her.

  7. Sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra, BTW, was (and is still) used medicinally for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.
    Thought you’d like to know.

    1. That’s what it was developed for. It wasn’t until the beta testers (what a name for them in this situation!) reported erections that someone thought to apply for the second use that has since become more popular.
      Besides, except for Citronella, women complain if that organ doesn’t operate as she desires it to when she desires it to, which is why Viagra is included in many medical plan drug formularies.

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