Cleaning Out The Garbage

I see that the NYPD finally came to the city’s rescue and started arresting the fuzzies at the Columbia campus.

My only problem is that the arrests were probably made with 2024-style decorum, i.e. not featuring the “batons, tear gas and dogs” methodology of the early 1960s.  Especially the dogs:

Man, I miss those days…


  1. more Batons and fire hoses. In this case that sounds far better than “more cowbell” from SNL.

    If you release the hounds, the dogs will spend days licking their butts to get the taste of unwashed terrorist supporters out of their mouths. poor pups

  2. Leave ’em alone. Columbia & its “elite” academic ilk are the incubators for our current Marxist/Nazi vermin and their Mostly Peaceful Rioting™. Let them burn it all down, and plaster it all over the media for everyone to see.

  3. Nothing funnier in this world than some shithead protester getting a dog clamped on to him. Even when commanded, most times they take their time releasing, making sure to give a few hard tugs before.

    It’s really funny when they get it in the nuts.


    Gawd I miss the screaming…

  4. Tear gas, water cannon and batons, and only then dogs. They have to be fumigated, washed and tenderized first before the dogs will touch them.

  5. Just wiat until the Democrat National Convention in Chicago this year. The cops will definitely be instructed to preserve disorder.

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