Recommended Action

I see that some double-murderer / illegal immigrant / prison escapee has now managed to break into a house and steal a gun.

Convicted 34-year-old killer Danelo Cavalcante escaped the Chester County, Pa., Prison on August 31 by crab-walking up a wall. In the last 13 days, the fugitive (who is also an illegal immigrant from Brazil) has been spotted by surveillance tapes and eyewitnesses; the most recent witness confronted the convict in his South Coventry Township home, stealing a .22 caliber rifle. The homeowner fired a pistol at Cavalcante, but there is no evidence of bodily injury.

Of course, warnings have been issued, schools closed etc. etc.

Conspicuously absent from all this is something I would certainly support:  a recommendation to shoot the bastard dead on sight.  Never mind all that calling the cops, seeking refuge and running away nonsense;  if you see him, kill him.

And a sizeable cash reward for doing so would certainly not be out of order, either.

For the benefit of all my Readers living in the affected and adjacent areas:

…or in Kim Terms:

And I don’t want to hear any bullshit about “vigilante justice”, “right to a fair trial”, “taking the law into your own hands” or anything of a similar nature.

If ever somebody needed killing, it’s this asshole.  Vermin, plain and simple, and should be dealt with as such.

Update:  Okay, he’s been recaptured.  Never mind.  They used dogs on him:

Yes, Virginia

your Democrat politicians are assholes.  To wit:

In one of the biggest stories of 2021 and one that likely helped sweep Republicans into power in Virginia, Scott Smith’s daughter was raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. The Loudoun County school board, which had been pushing a then-new rule allowing “transgender” students to use the bathroom of their choice, sought to cover up the rape at multiple levels. 

Those motivations were confirmed by a grand jury report which revealed officials ignored multiple warning signs and didn’t expel the rapist over fears of transphobia.

Despite those extreme circumstances, Smith was still charged by the local prosecutor with disorderly conduct after he was arrested at a 2021 Loudoun County school board meeting. His crime was attempting to speak out in support of his daughter after the school board declared an unlawful assembly. 

Fortunately, VAGov Youngkin (R) was sensible enough to pardon Scott Smith for this egregious bullshit charge, whereupon the Usual Suspects — that would be DA Buta Biberaj (D) and some other DA (double asswipe) — have had a teenager-type hissy fit.

Which should tell us all exactly what kind of people they are, as if we didn’t know already.  I see that the foul slag Biberaj is seeking reelection.  Reelection?  How about:

And a big attaboy to Glenn Youngkin for doing the right thing.

Strike Another One

Oh, that’s just dandy:

In a recent J6 case it has been revealed that Liberty Safe Co. gave the FBI background access codes to the safe and vault owned by the investigative target of the FBI, Nathan Hughes.

As the story is told, the FBI (federal govt) contacted the safe manufacturer and asked for a secret code that would open the safe. The FBI had a search warrant for the premises.  Liberty Safe Co. gave the FBI the access code that would allow them to open the safe, without relying on (or asking) the owner to open it.

Of course, Liberty Safe [irony alert]  tried to weasel out of it, but as Sundance puts it:

This is a ridiculous position easily avoided by saying, “we don’t own the safe.”  The bottom line is to avoid all the Liberty Safe products that allow them to access your private holdings, including gun safes and personal papers.  If you own a Liberty Safe, just get rid of it.  It’s compromised. Write it off to a lesson learned and forget about it.

I only use safes with a keyed lock, for more or less this precise reason.

Alternative Outcomes

This one made me think:

A dog owner was allegedly murdered in his own home by thieves who were targeting his beloved pet labradoodle. Police found the body of Donald Patience shortly after they were called to reports of Layla being dognapped.

All this took place in Britishland, where one is forbidden to defend one’s life and/or property.

I can’t help thinking what the reaction would be had this happened in, say, Dallas, where at least one of the home invaders could well have ended up being terminally perforated by a .45 hollowpoint bullet.

Of course, that would result in the usual handwringing sobs of “a dog’s life is not worth a human life”.  According to these asshole thieves, though, it actually is worth more than a human life.

It’s just too bad it was the owner’s, and not the robber’s.

Happy Anniversary

We interrupt today’s regular programming to bring you this news:

Nine years ago today, Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO.

The actual back story:

Brown was a criminal who strong-armed a local mini-mart then sucker-punched Officer Wilson, who was seated in his patrol car, and reached to steal Wilson’s service pistol, leading to the first shot. When Wilson exited the vehicle Brown made a second charge at Wilson, and who fired the fatal shot.

Just so we’re all clear on the facts of the matter.