Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Here’s the story.  You’re treating an apartment complex’s parking lot as your own personal racetrack.  Some residents tell you to quit, because there are kids playing in the area.

You take umbrage at this infringement on your liberties and drive off, fetch your trusty AR-15 and start popping off at a crowd of people hanging out in said parking lot.  Being a lousy shot as well as a terrible driver, you miss everybody.

Then some woman decides to return fire with her handgun, whereupon you lose all interest in the proceedings because she’s a better shot than you, and you’re bleeding to death in your car.

I think I got all the salient details, but go here just in case.


  1. She should be given the key to the city etc and never pay for a cup of coffee or a beer again


  2. Very sweet indeed

    Reading this is a pleasant way to start the odious work week

  3. Isn’t there ANYONE in the entire Democrat party who has stones enough to tell Gropin’ Joe to sit down and shut up?

    I understand his going down to Uvalde. It was a tragedy, to be sure, and it’s a Presidential thing to do. Meet with the families, offer comfort, call for tearing down the school. Right. Build a whole brand new one, way overpriced by even today’s standards. Let’s see just what Democrat-owned construction companies and leftist unions get benefit from that government project, even in Texas.

    Here’s where I make my point: God invented duct tape for a number of very good reasons, and high on that list of reasons was taking two or three wraps around Old Joe’s head, right about mouth level. That would most certainly have prevented him from getting up in front of reporters with recording devices and claim once again that A) the Second Amendment is not absolute, B) that it never allowed for private ownership of “many guns” or cannons, and (my favorite Joe-ism from this latest rant,) C) that (suddenly) 9mm rounds have replaced surgical instruments for removing things like lungs and stuff.

    Can’t you just picture his assorted aides (from Jill Ima Doctor, on down,) cringing when they heard that one? Do you suppose they draw straws to see who gets to walk that one back? Or do the smart ones (there have to be a few, don’t you think,) simply not answer their phones until some poor staffer appears before the cameras to do the Daily Back Track?

    So, 22 cal. rounds are okay, ’cause they just go in and poke a whole or two, then lay there till removed, but 9mm, the most common caliber in town right now, will totally eviscerate a target. What about the .223 caliber ammo? Is that also just barely dangerous?

    Seriously, I’d like to know. When are they going to have a presser so our gun and ballistics expert President can educate us with more of his wisdom?

    That’s okay, I can wait.

    Meanwhile, who’s being sent to the local hardware store for a few rolls of Presidential Duct Tape? One for the White House, one for Air Force One, and one for Marine One should do it.

  4. This took place at one of the highest crime housing projects in that city.

  5. Three guesses as to the race of the now dead waste of space. The first two don’t count.

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