News Roundup

…back when women didn’t need “HR” to fix their problems.  And in similar vein:

...lest federal agents become exposed to lead poisoning?  Asking for a friend.

And in more Biden Administration News:

...and why not?  He already appointed Pete Buttplug as TransportSec, and look how well that turned out.’s how it works, the way most people see it: if there was “negligence”, it came from not seeing Epstein’s killers going into his cell; and if it was “misconduct”, it was holding his cell door open for them.

In Foreign Bad News:

...and a nation rejoices:

Still in Britishland:

In Groomer News:

...perhaps another reason why Biden wants to ban lead bullets.  Just thinking aloud here, Boss.

...can you say “death spiral”, children?  I knew you could.  And:

...this is known as “lemming marketing”, FYI.

...I have an inclusive term for magazines like this one, but let’s not make Homeland Security any more nervous than they already are.

Ah yes, Africa Wins Again:

...and that was before he could get to South Africa.

Now some Global Cooling Climate Warming Change news:

...alternative title:  Sweden Comes To Its Senses.  Unlike the next lot:

...having solved all their crime, homeless and public health problems, NYC goes to the next urgent issue.

...yeah, but Over Here we have Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin and Nancy Pelosi already, so we’re kinda used to the problem.

...Goop, the Early Years.

And in the much-loved INSIGNIFICA department:

Finally, some ShowBiz News:

…and for my Murkin Readers who are not familiar with this Brit ladypopstar:

…and here she was at the aforementioned Glastonbury:

Not a bad way to end the news, really.


    1. Bonus hole? Front hole? Seriously??

      Considering that the website is dedicated to cervical cancers/screenings etc – and by association I would presume encouraging women to come forward for what can be life saving screening, I’m disgusted at the pandering to these freaks.

      This is a medical examination, carried out by, you would hope, clinical professionals. If any of them came at me with such stupid words to denote my vagina etc, I’d change medics in a heartbeat.

      You’re a woman FFS. You were born with a vagina, uterus and ovaries. Any of which can cause cancers NOT found in men, whatever you masquerade yourself as.

      Front hole indeed.

  1. Re: your second Insignifica headline; While in the military I too identified as a mushroom at times: Kept in the Dark and Fed Only Bullshit.

    1. That was my first thought, too. If the school made this child who “Identified as a mushroom” actually live as a mushroom for only one day, I am sure he would be back to identifying as a troublemaking kid less than a minute after being served his lunch OUTSIDE the cafeteria.

  2. Love the Colt Cobra ad. The one in the pic is a 4th gen, identical to the one me late sainted mum carried. It currently resides in the top drawer of my wife’s home office desk. Nifty little shooter.

  3. Oh to see something like that Colt ad again – cam you imagine the gnashing of teeth?!

    PLEASE tell me that was a legit ad, and not a parody . . . .

  4. “I didn’t use a vibrator for years but teens should—it teaches you a lot.”

    Yes, like how to have yet another ridiculous expectation from men: a man must match my clit-desensitizing pleasure device or he’s just a selfish bastard.

    1. Given the kvetching from the other sex, it seems like about half the men aren’t even willing to try, and half of those willing to try couldn’t find it with a map, a picture and directions.

      Look, sex is like pinball. The more you bump the bumpers, finger the flippers, and move the ball just so you light the lights, buzz the buzzers and right the bells, the higher score you get, and if you score high enough you get to play again.

      If letting her–or encouraging her–to make use of a vibrator gets you a higher score, who fooking cares. She gets hers, you get yours and everyone’s happy.

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