Model Failure

Yesterday I received another one of those email ads trying to get me to spend more money.  I was about to junk it, when something caught my eye, to wit, this:

Great Aphrodite’s bleeding eyeballs, when did models turn away from being beautiful and into heffalumps like the above?

Yeah I know, “body positivity” and all that Womynz Issues stuff, but seriously?

Here’s something for the Fashion Industry to ponder.  Somewhere between this:

… and this:

…is a happy medium — basically, a women not emaciated or boyish, and not a fucking blimp either, but a woman who looks more like a happy medium, i.e. not like this:

…but more like this: 

The latter girl, by the way, is not a model, but just a random pic of an ordinary person taken from a newspaper — with an acceptably-pretty face, and a decent-but-not-perfect body.  That, I would suggest, is more of a happy medium than what we’re having shoved in our faces today.

Fuck their “body positivity” and all that jive.  If I’m going to be persuaded to buy something, I just want to see it presented in an agreeable form.

And this from a man who actually prefers zaftig  women over skinnies.  But I have my limits, and modern advertising has stepped well over them.  Here’s the latest such offering:

I love Miriam Margolyes beyond words… but as a model?  No.

If I want to see ugly women, I’ll go to WalMart.


  1. Regarding the lady in the green shorts, I agree that there’s a fuckup. The headline reads “Epic deals on summer looks.” Summer girlfriends are skinny. Winter girls have to keep the bed toasty warm.

  2. Seems like a lot lately, I see the applicality of the descriptor ‘ghettopotomis’.
    That word is defined as:
    * homely gals with low-to-zero esteem doing their worst to attract male wakanda-Americans.

  3. Thought I recognized her: Aunt Prudence from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. OMG!

  4. That ad doesn’t bother me at all (the lady in the green shorts). Neither the Ghettopotamus nor that anorectic runway…thing…have any reason to be within 10,000 miles of my eyeballs. The girl in the ad is of average size for middle America these days, looks otherwise healthy and happy, and wears clothing that fits appropriately. Now if it was for see-through negligées (a.k.a. Skankwear™) that would be an entirely different conversation.

    As a GOUS myself (Gentleman of Unusual Size), I personally welcome ads for size-appropriate clothing that would likely not impress comely young lasses.

    Now when it comes to pinup girls or just plain-old smut, the lady in the green shorts can please keep them on and stay far away from me in those circumstances.

  5. The language has been so corrupted; all the terms once used to describe a woman with a little flesh on her bones have been hijacked by Plus-plus-plus size women. The catalog model might pass for “Rubenesque”, but not for any other concept.
    Zaftig, Yiddish for fluffy. Voluptuous, curvaceous, even John Ross’s term for such women, “Plush” are used now to describe women who would cause a car to tilt if they sat in it.
    It’s just another facet of the idea that women do not need to do anything to be attractive to men, and men are pigs for saying anything. So we men are inundated with pigs.

  6. When I’m 20 kg lighter I’ll complain about the lass in the green shorts. Otherwise, she has a nice smile.

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