RFI: Post Topics

Okay, I admit it:  I am thoroughly bereft of ideas for blog posts of any meaning or consequence for tomorrow’s offering.

Of course, there’s always a Gun Pic, or a Random Totty, or a Beautiful Old Car, or any combination thereof.  (e.g. some young / older totty carrying a gun standing next to a car.)

But a topic worth discussion?  Nada, bupkes, bugger all.  I got, as the saying goes, nothing.

Not interested in Trump trials, 2024 elections, pro-Palestinian bullshit, none of what passes for news nowadays.  Government shenanigans occasionally attract my curiosity, but all I want to do is hang all of them, almost without exception, and how many times can I write about that?

And I cannot be bothered to do anything about sports, because the EPL season is drawing to a close and the F1 season is even less interesting than usual — and anyway, both topics are regarded by my Loyal Readers as equivalent to having me deliver ball-by-ball commentary on a minor golf tournament, during a rainstorm.

I mean, WTF?

So unusually, I’m calling on you, my Readers, to give me some topic(s) you’d like me to talk about.  If I get anything interesting before 6pm Central Whatever Time today, I’ll try to do something about it before midnight.

Otherwise, I’ll be forced to resort to pics of nude women, or guns, or nude women holding guns, or… you get the idea.

In Comments or by email, please.

Then And Now

As pointed out in this article, the United States has changed.

The national mood in the mid-twentieth century was very different from now.

    • The United States was respected around the world — even if not necessarily liked.
    • Technology was advancing faster than at any time in human history.
    • Our cities were mostly orderly, safe, and clean.
    • We believed there were few hardships which couldn’t be overcome with hard work. Opportunities seemed endless, as was our optimism.
    • We were completely naïve about the danger posed by our own government.

And now, in the 21st century, there is a completely different worldview.

    • The United States is a corrupt and impotent international laughingstock.
    • We’ve become technically stunted. Replacing the Francis Scott Key bridge is expected to take three times longer than building the Golden Gate bridge almost a century ago.
    • Our cities are becoming unlivable post-apocalyptic hellscapes.
    • “Living the American dream” is no longer a middle-class expectation.
    • We know that fear of our own government is a prudent mindset.

As the man said:

Private Property

Here we go:

A proposed rule from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will soon take effect, forcing many private gun sellers to use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to sell their guns.

The targets of this rule are not licensed federal gun dealers, as they are already required to use the NICS on every gun sale and/or transfer.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders are required to conduct background checks on all gun sales and transfers because of the Brady Act (1993). That act created the NICS, and, since then, all retail sales of both new and used guns have been conducted via the NICS. Democrats have pushed to include private sales in the NICS requirement. However, Congress — even when controlled by Democrats — has refused.

But the recently proposed rule does what Congress has refrained from doing by allowing the ATF to set its sights on private, non-licensed Americans who may sell guns at some time throughout any given year…

…and when people refuse to comply with this fucking monstrosity, the rule will create criminals where heretofore none existed (as so many of these “regulations” do).

Oh, and don’t think you can get around this assholishness by swapping or bartering for guns, either.

I know, I know:

But a reminder:

This should be interesting.  My advice (and remember, I am no lawyer, nor any kind of criminal — yet):  if you are going to ignore this un-Constitutional infringement on your rights, make sure to do so only with trusted friends and family members — no strangers, ever, because you never know when the ATF is blackmailing or otherwise pressuring someone into breaking the law on their behalf.

Like they did with Randy Weaver.


Steve Green gets upset about rebuilding something which could basically be rebuilt exactly the same as it was, but won’t.

Could it really take twice as long and four times as much money to replace the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge than it did to build it in the first place?

The Key Bridge was built at a cost (adjusted for inflation) of about $200 million. Replacing it could take a decade and cost $400 million to $800 million dollars, according to experts in what has become a dismal field.

“To actually recreate that whole transportation network” could take a decade or more, structural engineer Ben Schafer told USA Today on Wednesday. Huge projects, Schafer said, now take “rarely less than 10 years.”

Steve gets upset;  I don’t.  Why not?

Because this boondoggle is located in Baltimore, a Democrat-run shithole which has become a festering boil on the face of civilization, largely due to the fact that it has been run by liberal Democrats and socialists for decades and decades.

Yeah, I know:  traffic will be affected badly because the old FSK Bridge carried I-695 traffic around (as opposed to through) Baltimore.

Don’t care.  The more it fucks up Baltimore, the better I like it.  The longer it takes, the longer the pain will last.  The more expensive it gets… well, I don’t care about that either.

Maybe the federal government will spend a little less on foreign aid to (say) Gaza or Gambia or [insert shithole of choice here]  instead of on one of our own domestic shitholes.  (But they won’t;  they’ll just print more money to pay for it.)

I’m sure someone will produce some study or other which will show how wrong my attitude is, that the rebuild will Create Jobs And Feed Pore Starvin Kiddies or some such nonsense;  or that the cumulative traffic detours made necessary by this calamity will cost some putative number of billions of dollars etc. etc.

Still don’t care.

The plain fact is that whatever the cost, it will be exacerbated by the over-large and inflated union salaries paid to the workers (Baltimore, duh), and the inevitable delays before the construction ever begins will be because the Greens will have issues about endangering some fucking minuscule / unimportant insect or sea-creature and therefore endless fucking studies will have to be made, and addressed, before the first load of concrete is poured or the first steel girder is welded together.

Did I say steel?  Oh yeah, because our steel manufacturing industry has been largely exported to fucking China or somewhere, we’ll have to buy it and ship it all across an ocean or two rather than simply trucking it down from just-up-the-road Allentown or Pittsburgh.

And if those unionized construction workers decide to strike because of [insert stupid reason to strike here]  the delay will grow still longer and so on.

Let me reiterate:  I just don’t fucking care.

All the unnecessary cost overruns and delays will have been caused by our own sclerotic and self-inflicted regulatory clots in the infrastructure bloodstream, instituted by people who have no idea of consequence other than Harm Done To Mother Gaia (who is a total bitch in any case, ask anyone whose relative was killed during an earthquake).

As a society, we have sown the wind, and now it’s time for that whirlwind to come and blow the whole edifice of bullshit over — or not, in which case the bridge will never be rebuilt.

And I still won’t care.

Fuck ’em all.

Papieren Bitte

How nice:

Biden Admin Cooperates With Big Tech To Find Out What Americans Watch Online

In a way, I’m glad that I post my rage against the Machine here, rather than on “social media” such as FecesBook, InstaLame or TwatterX.

Then on the other hand, sometimes I wish that I didn’t, and just ranted all over the above so that nobody could be in any doubt whatsoever about my feelings towards this kind of bullshit.

Back in the old Racist Republic, my phone was tapped for over seven years after the student protests of the early 1970s, which had seen me arrested, briefly imprisoned and charged with “rioting”.

I can’t help thinking that my old buddies at the Security Branch would have sold their children to have had the surveillance capability of today’s American Gestapo.

I said it back then, and I’m not afraid to say it again here, in my adopted country:

And About Time

One of the most pernicious insults to the concept of property rights is that so-called “squatters” (trespassers) are accorded “rights” to occupy a vacant building, simply because… well, I can’t actually think of any reason why this should be tolerated.

Which makes FuturePOTUS Ron DeSantis’s action even more praiseworthy:

DeSantis signed into law a unanimously-passed bill designed to combat so-called “squatters’ rights” and which puts the power back into the hands of law-abiding property owners and local law enforcement.

Compare and contrast this with the attitude of Commie states like California, New York and, for that matter, Britishland, where not only are squatters tolerated, but the actual property owners can get into deep legal doo-doo if they attempt to forcibly evict these trespassers — or worse:

Two squatters are being sought over the gruesome murder of a 52-year-old woman whose body was found stuffed in a duffel bag inside her late mother’s upscale Manhattan apartment last week, police said Thursday.

The victim, Nadia Vitel, was savagely beaten by the two perps when she discovered them holed up inside the 19th-floor apartment on East 31st Street last week.

Update:  two “teenagers” have been arrested after they fled NYFC for Pennsylvania.

Fucking animals.  And no prizes for guessing that various scumbag New York lawyers will be getting into fistfights over who can defend them in court.