Studying Genius

I’ve studied music, sung it, played it and pretty much been into it ever since I could walk.

But I never got close to figuring out where Jeff Beck was going, ever.  I could only listen, marvel and appreciate the man’s endless artistry and talent.  And now he’s gone, leaving only his body of work for us to enjoy.

Probably my favorite Beck was his guitar on buddy Rod Stewart’s People Get Ready.  Haunting, melodic, beautiful and perfectly suited to the emotion of the gospel hymn, Beck’s soaring riffs turned it from lovely to sublime.

Yeah, sublime — that’s the word I was looking for.  Once again, the music world has lost just one more thing of beauty, and the world is a little less lovely.

Damn it, I can’t even write a proper obituary about the man and his music.

R.I.P.  Jeff.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings: International Division

Well, here’s one to cheer you up.  Seems as though these three Italian mopes decided to rob a jewellery store in Grinzane Cavour, a little town about thirty miles outside Turin.  All went well, for a while:  they waved a (fake) gun around and tied up the owner’s daughter.

Then the 67-year-old owner said “Fuck this shit!” in Italian, pulled his own gun, shot two of the assholes dead and wounded the third.

Some background:

The same jewellery shop in had already suffered a robbery a few years ago on May 22, 2015 when two thieves, one of whom was disguised as a woman, entered the shop and tied up the owner with plastic ties after beating him violently.

No wonder he’d had enough.

Sadly, the tale has not ended well for our hero, because Italy:

Immediately after the events, Roggero was accused of culpable excess of self-defense, but now he will have to answer for murder.  According to the public prosecutor’s office, Roggero would have chased the three robbers who, having already left the jewelry store with the stolen goods, were fleeing outside the store and from close range would have shot ‘with the intention of causing their death, thereby voluntarily exceeding the limits of legitimate patrimonial defence’. 

Yeah… so?

In any sane society, a jury would pat the guy on the back and say, “Good shooting, Tex!”  (once again, in Italian).  But this is Italy, which means he’s probably going to jail for doing what I believe 100% of my Readers would have done under the same circumstances.

Rats Etc.

Here’s a little bit of news:

New York City has imploded, with crime soaring and homeless people everywhere. Every day brings a new tale of an attack against an innocent person on the city’s street or subway.

To make matters worse, New York City is losing its top taxpayers. According to a study by the city’s Independent Budget Office, the city has lost 10% of taxpayers who earn more than $750,000 and 6% of those who make between $150,000 and $750,000.

The New York Post said many taxpayers are fleeing New York’s sky-high taxes.

And the latest study by the Budget Office only included data up to 2020. There’s no telling how many more have left since the COVID lockdowns that crushed the city.

The exodus is costing New York City billions. The Post reported in June that some 300,000 of the city’s wealthiest residents “earned $21 billion in total income in 2019, according to new data released by the Internal Revenue Service.”

That sum, the paper said, “represents the largest flight of capital from the Big Apple ever recorded.”

Now while I’m sure while that my Readers will share my chuckles of schadenfreude, there’s also the worrying caveat that these rich liberal assholes will infest parts of Free America that, quite frankly, shouldn’t have to put up with their baleful influence on our hitherto-happy, Constitution-loving homeland.

Unless, of course, they just increase the Liberal Asshole Quotient in places like Austin TX or Miami FL.  It’s when they start voting in places like Plano or Boca Raton that the barrels of tar need to be warmed up and the pillows emptied of feathers.

I should point out too that these high-dollar asswipes’ incomes are of little actual value to places like Florida and Texas because unike NYFC, we don’t tax income.  No, their only economic effect (and it’s a dubious one at best) is to drive local real estate prices higher — which helps sellers, of course, but also moves housing out of the reach of local middle-income folks.

Still, I guess anything that hastens NYFC’s slide into the abyss is welcome.


I read this guy’s story with something akin to dread:

And that’s when I realized that little by little, my phone had gotten the best of me.

I’ve often prided myself on one of the few people not shackled to my phone, but after reading this guy’s story, I chided myself for my arrogance.

As much as I hate to admit it, my phone is now an integral part of my existence, as much as my glasses or my car.

We’ve been one-carring it since the beginning of the week — first, my car had to (finally) get completely fixed after my collision with the highway crocodile a few weeks ago, which meant that while New Wife was driving to and from work, I sat at home, isolated.  Then I had to get some errands done (Rx refills etc.) so I had to drive her to and from work for a day.  Then, just as we were going to pick up the Tiguan, I got this call:  “My check engine light just came on.”

So we picked up my car and dropped hers off, to get the oil changed as well as getting whatever the warning light entailed seen to.  All manageable (except the total repair cost for the two cars — I’m going to have to sell a gun or two, and I’m not kidding), but having one car was an inconvenience, really.

However:  had my phone disappeared on me during this time, that would have been simply catastrophic.  Calls to the auto repair shop, calls to New Wife to organize pickup times… the list of critical calls was far longer than I was comfortable with.  And don’t even ask me how I’d have got through to anyone without my phone’s contact list.

Like many people nowadays, we don’t have a landline phone in the apartment.  But I’m starting to rethink that — or else I’m going to get a no-contract burner phone for emergencies.

This modern life is bullshit, and it sucks green donkey dicks.

Speed Bump #8,403

I love headlines that make me want to throw the gin bottle across the room:

…took the “reigns”?  Once again, editing by Spelchek.  Fucking morons.

Still, it could have been worse;  he could have taken the rains, and made the thing even wetter than it turned out to be.