1. Strongly suggests that bitterness is an ample Grim Reaper repellant. Just speaking through anecdotal personal observation.

  2. What’s keeping Soros alive are the Satanic rituals and human sacrifices. Willie Mays just lived right.

  3. Mays was one of the greatest baseball players ever, and a thoroughly likeable and decent man, unlike too many swelled head aholes patting themselves on the back in the midst of their entourages today!
    He hit for average, power, was a superb fielder, had an arm like a cannon, was a great base runner and base stealer – he was a jack of all trades and a Master of All.
    I remember seeing “The Catch” live on TV in 1954, watching the Series with my Dad, and what is not often mentioned, was that his superb throw from deep center field after “The Catch” held two runners on base.
    Say Hey Willie, thanks for the memories, and RIP.

    As to that Obama empowered turd Soros, may a disaster take him and his POS son.

  4. Simple;

    God wants Willie Mays’s company, and Satan has enough of Soros’s sort already.

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