The Race Is On

Saw this tragic news at Kenny’s place, and while the comments were just terrible [snork], the first thought that occurred to me was:

“Without Sheila Jackson-Lee, who’s next in line for the title of Stupidest Politician in D.C.?”

I know, I know… the competition is strong, especially when you’ve got that oaf who thought Guam was going to capsize, and there’s always Ole Fayful, Maxine Green.  But the clear favorite has to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

…but I’ll entertain suggestions in Comments if anyone can think of a bigger moron than she is (gawd help us).

N.B.  I said “stupid” not “evil”, although it’s possible to have both in one person (e.g. Swalwell or Kinzler).


  1. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC)
    Jerry Nadler (D-NY)
    Oh, hell, there’s far too many to mention, including mine:
    Troy Nehls (R-TX), a blustering ex-sheriff who comes across as a Texas rube.
    There’s also Mike Johnson (R-LA), who reportedly lives paycheck-to-paycheck on his $174,000 salary and is, apparently, too stupid to play the game everyone else does and become a multi-millionaire from graft, bribes, and insider trading. And yet he still seems to be owned by … someone. A puzzlement. Did he imagine he was going to be an honest representative and somehow make a difference … what a moron.

  2. Clearly the stupidest politician to have ever lived is Maxine Waters. She is also the ugliest. Just plain evil to the core. I’d pay good money to watch her get dragged.

  3. Question; are we excluding the brain-damaged? If we aren’t then I think President Potatohead wins, hands down.

    1. Well, it’s not as if the dementia had many IQ points to deduct in the first place.

  4. keyword — ‘our thoughts and prayers are with her’
    [possibly the emptiest notification of nothingness in all recorded history]

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