Do Something To Stop The Bastardy

A little while back I talked about how some refugee family (actual refugees) had fled Germany to homeschool their kids, because the German public school system is like our own, only worse, and they being Christian, thought they could find refuge Over Here and school their children according to their own beliefs and not in the godlessness of the public school system (as prescribed by German law).

So now they’re facing deportation because Gummint.

It’s bad enough that the German government was fucking them over — the State fucking people over has a long and storied tradition Over There — but now our Gummint is fucking them over despite the family not having broken a single U.S. law.

I urge you all to follow this link and sign the HSDLA petitionPlease.

And pass the link on to everyone you know who might support this family.  Every bit helps.


  1. To quote Howie Carr, a radio personality, from the New England area:

    “I don’t want any special treatment. I just want to be treated no better and no worse than an illegals immigrant in Massachusetts”.

    How true!

    1. @Coffee,
      Thanks for the morning chuckle. Speaking (typing?) as a former Mass-hole, I never cared much for Howie Carr. I also have to admit, that’s a pretty good line. I might use it here in greater Chi-congo.

  2. I think this case will show what the limit on anchor babies is.
    Of course based on the last eight years, it is very outcome-specific, meaning that conservatives aren’t allowed to have anchor babies.

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