Double Win

Here’s a win-win situation: 

The Fresno Teachers Association (FTA) is demanding that the Fresno Unified School district set aside parking for homeless families, as a part of their larger list of demands – such as free laundry services – as the union prepares to go on strike.

Yes;  nothing says “We Care About The Children!” more than putting a squatters’ camp right on school property.

Fortunately, the school district is showing just a little common sense:

The district has previously stated that it does not plan to bow to the union’s demand, with the district’s chief communications officer saying that, “We do not plan to open our parking lots,” since “education, not housing,” is the school district’s area of expertise.

The union has other demands:  money for “security”, an end to Global Warming, banning tooth decay and some other equally-important stuff, but nemmind.

Here’s the win:  the longer this bunch of malcontent Marxists can stay out of the classroom, the better-off the kids will be.

And here’s the other win:  the longer the school district plays hardball, the sooner the striking schoolteachers will have to join the ranks of the homeless they seem to care so much about.

Of course, there’s another way to deal with these striking teachers:

…but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this.


  1. meanwhile, due to parents being forced to home school rather than have their children “educated” by unionised teachers, the quality of education in Fresno has increased.

  2. I’m sure some people will have trouble with that image.
    Just what kind of rifle is he wielding and how does one aim it carefully enough to result in so many trophies to display like that?

  3. The teachers unions need to be disbanded. Bad teachers and administrators need to be banned from the education industry. They have shown for decades that they are utterly incompetent when it comes to educating children. they are nothing more than trained animals regurgitating nonsense from their “professors.”

    putting homeless with their substance abuse, metal illness, uncleanliness should be kept far, far away from children. maybe put them all on a cruise ship with the teacher’s union members and administration. Then let the ship sail off to oblivion.


  4. The sad thing about this is that Gov Jerry Brown is the person who allowed California state employees to unionize during his first administration.

    I live nearby but fortunately my children wouldn’t be affected by this nonsense directly (one has already moved out of state after graduating a few years ago).

    Fresno and the rest of the San Joaquin Valley is mostly agriculture, with some oil operations in the southern part, Bakersfield, aka “the armpit of California”. It’s mostly conservative out here, Kevin McCarthy notwithstanding.

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