Man Takes Woman’s Job

This is just the best:

Gay lifestyle magazine Attitude is facing backlash after naming transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney as its ‘Woman of the Year.’

The US TikTok star, who documented her transition on the video sharing platform last year, accepted the title this week at the Virgin Atlantic sponsored awards bash in London.

But critics slammed the decision, accusing the awards of ‘gaslighting women everywhere’ with prominent feminist campaigner Maya Forstater calling it an ‘insult.’

I have to hand it to this little fegeleh:   first he/she toppled the #1 beer brand in the U.S., and now she/he is doing the same to some fegeleh publication, in essence taking the cover girl/boy’s position away from, shall we  say, a more-deserving homo/dyke.

If your head is spinning, join the (heterosexual) club.

And then there’s this one:

Two transgender cyclists have taken the top spots on the podium at the Chicago CycloCross Cup after triumphing in a women’s race.

Sheesh, even the actual chick who placed third looks kinda iffy.

Still, despite all the confusion, there’s only one thing left to say:


    1. Oh, please, no. Yes, there are a lot of morons in this movement who deserve what’s coming in the way of backlash, but there are also people like the handful of Trans adults I have known who kept mostly to themselves and didn’t bother anybody. Plus all the kids who have been railroaded into ‘gender affirming treatment’ by adults who should have done something, almost anything, else.

      The sexual predators, the sports cheats, and the ‘Drag Queens’ who look like trolls who rolled in glue and then ran through the glitter section of a craft store? You can have those. But let’s’ not let the backlash hit the real victims.

      Now, hanging every quack therapist, MD, or school admin type that enabled this? That sounds splendid. Any chance of bringing back crucifixion?

  1. I’m surprised that the left still cannot see that they are waging a war on women whether it is putting biologic males with mental problems into their competitions so they win the titles or turning women’s bodies into abused pleasure palaces and charnel houses. Their hypocrisy is astounding


  2. If that’s the best ‘trans’ a surgeon can do, I feel quite safe from not being able to spot the female masqueraders a rifle’s sight away.

    Looks more like Jimmy Saville……

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