Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From Houston comes this fine story:

Police said the driver went to the address to deliver a pizza and was confronted by two men demanding money at gunpoint. According to HPD, he pulled out his own gun and shot, killing one of the men. The second man reportedly ran away.

Here’s a good part:

The driver then waited for police officers to respond to the scene.

Always be sure to get your story in to the fuzz first, before the surviving scumbag can start raving about “being attacked while we wuz jus’ walkin’ around” or similar bullshit.

Of course, the driver’s going to get fired because “corporate policy” (more bullshit — I’d give him a bonus), but at least he’s still alive.

Unlike one of the choirboys (“Guess The Race”), who was probably “just about to turn his life around and was even enrolled at Malcolm X trade school”  or some similar nonsense (even more bullshit).


  1. Good drills, that man. Somehow I don’t think he’ll be short of job offers.

  2. If such scenarios as this happen enough times, one would be tempted to think that the “choirboys” would start to get a clue, and move on to less hazardous enterprises.
    Yeah, Right…..Now, back to reality. At least there is one less recidivist to bother about.

  3. make crime dangerous and the criminals will find other ways to occupy their time.

    Does anyone need Lt Colonel Jeff Cooper quoted again?

  4. “The identity of the deceased was revealed by his brother, Ameer White, as 21-year-old Areyeh White. He expressed confusion and sorrow at the death of his brother, saying “They say he was the pizza delivery guy, but we don’t have a receipt that he was buying a pizza. If you were the pizza delivery guy, why were you armed?””

    One – I don’t even know how to pronounce “Areyeh”. I’m sick of these made-up bullshit names. “Oh, but it sounds so ethnic!” It sounds like the mother was an ignorant whore, and the baby-daddy never showed up to slap any sense into her, although he was probably saddled with a name like “Levon’tre” or some other moronic shit like that so there’s no guarantee that he’s any less ignorant than the baby momma.

    Two – oh, you don’t have a receipt for the pizza? Why is that, Areyeh? Is it because your brother’s worthless carcass was just trying to rob a working stiff and didn’t actually intend to pay for the pizza? Is it because your dope-smoking ass can’t understand a logical fallacy? Is it because you’re just pulling shit out of your ass to try to defend a fucking thug who rightfully had his oxygen-thieving days ended by a person who he was about to victimize?

    It’s not just the fact that I have zero fucks to give about the deceased choir-boy, it’s that I’m fucking done with the ignorant pieces of walking trash who constantly try to defend them.

    1. made-up bullshit names…..
      There was a time when the French made it illegal to give a child a name that was not in the Calendar of Saints.

    2. DMan, you’re right. to quote Jeff foxworthy, “you don’t get Evian when you mix sewer water and swamp water.”

    3. “If you were the pizza delivery guy, why were you armed?”

      Because people like your brother keep trying to rob him, dumbass.

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