Dept. Of Righteous Shootings, International Division

From sunny Seffrica comes this lovely story.

Executive summary:  three choirboys run into a church waving guns and try to appropriate the entire congregation’s cash.  Only problem:  the church in question is located in a deeply conservative part of the country, and one of the congregants is an ex-cop.  Result:  two choirboys dead, one possibly wounded.

You may now applaud.

And from the comments to the article comes this priceless observation:

Note the upvote : downvote ratio.


As the Left ramps up its little reindeer games, expect more of this kind of thing:

“As we’re walking down passing Fourth Street, a blue car just come swerving out into the middle of the street almost runs over a bunch of protesters and everybody around starts like smacking the car trying to get him to slow down,” the witness said.  “He pulls down his window and he fires three shots into the guy.  From point-blank.  No words no nothing.  And then rolls up his window and zooms off.”

I’m not saying this is a good thing — despite my Yosemite Sam online persona, I dread having to shoot someone again — but at some point, the “kill everybody” switch is going to be thrown by ordinary people, especially when these rioting thugs start blocking roads, stopping cars and trying to assault the drivers and passengers.

Used to be that peaceful protests were confined (by the police) to sidewalks, with lots of chanting, signs and so on.  Peaceful stuff.  But that police action seems to have gone by the board — whether by negligence or design I can’t say — and inevitably, as police presence diminishes, the thugs will become bolder and more violent as they get the impression that “We own the streets!”

So I blame city management for this — muzzling police has long been a hallmark of Leftist government — and if the winds have been sown, both rioters and their government backers can expect whirlwinds;  which will invite rioters to start carrying guns to these “peaceful protests”, and off we go on the hurricane of violence.

Which, by the way, is exactly what the Leftist nomenklatura wants to happen.

Better And Better

Remember the Afghan girl who shot two Taliban assholes dead after they’d killed her mom and dad?  Good stuff, huh?

But wait:  there’s MOAR!

A teenage girl hailed a hero for gunning down two Taliban extremists who shot her parents dead in Afghanistan ‘killed her own husband’ when she opened fire, according to fresh reports.
Qamar Gul, 15, was married to one of the two attackers she shot with an AK-47 after he tried to seize her back in a family feud.

Well, that’s going to be a tough one for gun-confiscating feministicals to get their heads around…

Dept Of Righteous Shootings

They grow up so quickly these days:

Police responded to an alleged home intrusion in Biloxi, Mississippi, to discover a forced entry suspect deceased in the yard following a confrontation with the homeowner.
The Biloxi Police Department reported the incident occurred “in the 2400 block of Old Bay Road” and the suspect “was breaking into the residence when confronted by the homeowner.”
WLOX reports the deceased suspect was 15 years old.

Stats show that burglars are understandably nervous when committing their first crime, and if disturbed or caught in the act are most likely just to run away.  As they continue to commit their crimes, their boldness grows and grows, and eventually they come to regard other people’s property as their own — and are likely to turn violent if apprehended or challenged by the homeowner.

So if a 15-year-old gets confrontational when challenged on his thievery, you can probably make a safe bet that it’s not his first such crime.  In which case, of course, it’s a job well done when he’s ushered off to the cemetery.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings, International Division

Nobody needs an assault rifle, right?  Well, somebody did:

An Afghan girl has shot dead two Taliban fighters and wounded several more after they dragged her parents from their home and killed them for supporting the government.
Insurgents in the central province of Ghor stormed the home of teenager Qamar Gul last week looking for her father, the village chief, before shooting her parents.
Gul then emerged from the house with her family’s AK-47 and opened fire, killing the two Taliban fighters who gunned down her mother and father and injuring several others.

Here’s the thing:  as lawlessness increases and mob rule overwhelms policing, the greater the need for ordinary citizens to be armed against the mob.  We saw it in St. Louis with those two liberal lawyers protecting their home, and now we have another, more tragic example of the need for self-defense.

I know, I know:  what happened in Afghanistan could never happen here, right?  Then someone explain to my why “doxing” someone (publishing their personal details like their residential address) isn’t such a threat in this country.  We’ve already had examples of a howling mob appearing outside conservatives’ homes;  now add a little mob hysteria and some weaponry — a Molotov cocktail, perhaps, or a gun — and it’s easy to see how tragedy could so easily take place.

Always be prepared, in every sense of the word.  Even though he had a gun, the Afghan chief wasn’t mentally prepared for the day when the mob descended on his home, and died as a result.  That his teenage daughter had to respond just adds to the tragedy.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From here in Texas (via several Readers, thankee).

Executive Summary:  two goblins decide to do a little undocumented parts removal from some Olde Phartte’s car.  When he points a gun at them and tells them to stop, they charge him, with the predictable outcome.

My only regret is that neither goblin went to that Great Auto Parts Department In The Sky, but at least he nailed both, and one is listed in “critical” condition, so there’s that.

Note to Our Hero:  you need to upgrade your weapon of choice (as the media never tell us what caliber, what bullet type etc., the morons), OR you need to get a little more shooting practice.

Both would be good.