Mugged While Working

Go to California on business, get robbed:

A member of the Secret Service was robbed at gunpoint during President Joe Biden‘s visit to California over the weekend, according to authorities.

Police in Tustin said in a press release that officers responded to the call of a possible robbery at around 9:36 p.m. PT on Saturday in a local residential community.

Officers found a member of the Secret Service whose bag was stolen at gunpoint, Tustin police said, adding that an “officer (agent) involved shooting occurred” during the incident.

Tustin police said it was unclear whether any suspect was injured as a result of the shooting, but officers did locate some of the victim’s belongings in the area.

I would really like to know if the SecServ flunky actually shot the scrote.  Also, the report doesn’t say if it was a male or female agent;  and I would really, really like to know that little snippet.

Just, you know, for the record.


  1. I have a cousin in the Secret Service who lives in California as a white-collar crime/fraud investigator. Back when he worked in DC on protection details he always carried, even when off-duty, but now that’s he’s a desk jockey, I don’t believe he carries at all anymore, so if this article is about an “investigator” then s/he may not have been armed.

    Hm, now that I think about it, I think my cousin lives in Tustin, so now I wonder if it might have been him. If it was, I’m sure I’ll hear it through the family grapevine soon.

    1. I double-checked and he doesn’t live anywhere close to Tustin, and this wasn’t him.

  2. Man O man…

    You just KNOW the agent is going get hammered at the office…lolol…😂

  3. “…Secret Service whose bag was stolen at gunpoint…”

    It was a woman.
    Secret Service woman, which is an oxymoron.

  4. Apologies for straying from the topic at hand, but as so many of your posts are wont to do, you’ve done gone & triggered a random recollection. Mugged While Working reminds me of Lectured While Hosting.

    Whilst in my early 20s, my dad crashed at my crib for a few days while he sorted out a legal issue with some former business partners. During his stay he noticed me keeping time with an attractive young lady. It was clear to him we were not engaged in Bible study.

    At the end of his stay I dropped him off at the airport. He mentioned my lady friend.

    “Stacy seems nice.”

    “Yeah, she’s fun.”

    “Listen, Brian. I know a man’s gotta eat. But don’t forget – Scott Joplin died of syphilis.

  5. Diversity hire. If it were a white man they would have said so.

    @ghostsniper, they said “bag” but maybe they meant “European carryall”…
    Seriously, I’ve carried computer bags and/or backpacks in professional settings. It’s not unusual. Maybe he had a cantaloupe launcher in there. 😉

  6. I call bullshit.

    Because of their gun control laws, nobody but the PO-leece have a guns in California, or if they DID have them, there is no need to carry them in public.

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