We’ve all seen how the Democrat Socialists have tried to prevent Donald Trump from even running for office, by means of lawfare, crooked politicians and district attorneys and trumped-up (Trumped-up?) bogus criminal charges, all to drain his funds and keep him in court (and even muzzled) as he pushes on in his quest to become POTUS 45/47.

As that seems to have failed, quite spectacularly, the next step would be to engage in the time-honored (for Democrats) practice of fiddling with the ballots (see:  2020 election).

I am therefore heartened to see this development:

Lara Trump is building an army of ‘100,000 poll watchers and over 500 lawyers’ to ‘deploy’ across America in November.

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump announced Friday from behind a podium in a Detroit suburb that she and the RNC are working to raise a veritable army of “over 100,000 poll watchers and over 500 lawyers” to “deploy” at election sites across the country in November. 

These volunteers will have three missions: Watch people vote, watch people count votes, and sue anybody who gets in the way.

Lara Trump’s vision is to have people “in the room” whenever votes are being counted or cast. 

The former president’s daughter-in-law also envisions teams upon teams of (surprisingly free) volunteer lawyers that can respond to any resistance from poll officials on the ground with “quick and effective” litigation. 

Far be it for me to criticize this extremely-laudable initiative, but I hope they’re also lining up a bunch of judges who can hear and rule on such litigation.  It’s no good filing a legal protest when all the judges are “asleep” or “unavailable” to hear the protests.  (And if you think the local Democrats wouldn’t dare try to engineer such a thing, I have a NY bridge and Covid vaccination drug to sell you.)

Frankly, I’d feel better if there were half a million volunteer poll-watchers and ten thousand lawyers on hand to combat Democrat lawlessness and skulduggery, such is the deep suspicion and apprehension with which I view the democratic process, as practiced in America at present.  I’d also like a couple hundred thousand impartial cops on hand to enforce existing election law, when the scumbag Democrat fraudsters attempt to circumvent it.

But good on ya Lara, me old darling.  It’s the right thing you’re doing.  Let’s hope it works, or the fucking Socialists will just steal another one.


  1. “….and sue anybody who gets in the way.”

    To sue someone implys “after the fact”, which will be way too late.
    If someone gets in the way they have to be put down right on the spot by serious people. Don’t dawdle. A broken arm or dislocated elbow takes the wind out of most sails immediately and doing wrong is no longer their primary goal.

  2. It hit me yesterday that these bastards have been willing to, and remain willing to , put a malfunctioning animatronic and a cackling idiot witch forward to be the nominal leaders of our country.

    They are willing to send them hither and yon to represent us on the world stage, are willing to tell us on a daily basis now we’re not seeing what we just saw.
    Have proved to eagerly subvert the justice system, the medical system, and the military, eliminate our border, rule by regulation and executive fiat (he has a pen, and a phone, even if he doesn’t know what they are), tell us we must accept women with dicks, and that we’re racists by virtue of our skin color, or conversely cannot be racist by virtue of same.

    That we must redress past discrimination by increasing discriminatory practices in the present and future.
    That we can fix our financial problems with a printing press, indeed that we don’t even really have financial problems and that our shrinking bank accounts and purchasing power aren’t shrinking at all.
    That their childish social and structural messaging isn’t wrong but rather that we’re too ignorant and benighted to understand and appreciate it.

    They have no shame, they are not truly afraid they’ll be held accountable, ever.
    They’re absolutely going to steal this election.

    1. paper can be forged. the Secret Service was formed to combat forgers. I’m sure there are already hundreds of fake ballots being prepared in thousands of blue areas to push the scales towards the totalitarian candidate whether it is Pedo Joe or not

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