Scorpions, Frogs

From Britishland a week or so ago, this lament:

Good God, they dishonoured our war dead and the police just stood and watched

Pro-Palestine mob desecrated monument to Britain’s war dead and the police told us they were powerless. That is a lie.

Outside Parliament a large gathering of protesters were both very vocal and waving the now obligatory Palestine flags and lighting flares.

The Police stood by and allowed this.

After the vote the gathering moved off and, in anticipation of them attacking the Cenotaph, police were quickly mobilised in order to protect it.

Realising that they weren’t getting anywhere near to the Cenotaph, the mob moved off to the statue and memorial of the Royal Artillery in Hyde Park corner.

There, unabashed and bafflingly unhindered by our coppers these idiots climbed onto the memorial, setting off flares, and plastering it in the flag of Palestine.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the mobbing of it, they stood on very many Remembrance wreaths damaging them and desecrating them.]

They were allowed to carry on until they got bored and moved off.

The Police did absolutely nothing to stop this and having observed this desecration no arrests were made when the idiots climbed down.

Well, yes.

…and law and order will do nothing.

I would love to see all those British soldiers who died in the Great War come back to life, fix bayonets, charge the fuzzies and not stop the killing until all the bastards are dead.  And if a few of those cowardly cops happen to get a bayonet in the gut as well, so much the better.

Then the heroes can go back to the peace of the grave with, once again, our grateful thanks.


  1. London wanted a muhammedan communist mayor, they got what they wanted.
    And seeing the rest of Little Britain, they mostly want the same (e.g. Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland).
    I feel horribly sorry for the men (and women) who gave their lives for the Empire up until the late 1940s, but the last 75 years have been a constant betrayal of everything they stood for.

  2. That’s utterly appalling. The perps need a swift beat down by the police or the football fans who were supposedly going to show up. The Mideast was far better when it was colonies of Europe or their puppet regimes were closer to figureheads. They’re a pox on the world


  3. Sadly, it’s just not Britain. I am mystified that so many so-called “Americans” are also turning on the basic beliefs that formed this country. Someday these idiots might just get their heads out of their asses before we find ourselves fighting another crusade.

  4. The football hooligans did show up and were promptly arrested. The usual media suspects reported it as “far right mobs disrupt Remembrance Day ceremonies.” No mentions of the pro-Hamas thousands. Sad, what formerly Great Britain has sunk to. Even sadder that we’re going to hell in the same handcart.

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