Yes, Virginia

your Democrat politicians are assholes.  To wit:

In one of the biggest stories of 2021 and one that likely helped sweep Republicans into power in Virginia, Scott Smith’s daughter was raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. The Loudoun County school board, which had been pushing a then-new rule allowing “transgender” students to use the bathroom of their choice, sought to cover up the rape at multiple levels. 

Those motivations were confirmed by a grand jury report which revealed officials ignored multiple warning signs and didn’t expel the rapist over fears of transphobia.

Despite those extreme circumstances, Smith was still charged by the local prosecutor with disorderly conduct after he was arrested at a 2021 Loudoun County school board meeting. His crime was attempting to speak out in support of his daughter after the school board declared an unlawful assembly. 

Fortunately, VAGov Youngkin (R) was sensible enough to pardon Scott Smith for this egregious bullshit charge, whereupon the Usual Suspects — that would be DA Buta Biberaj (D) and some other DA (double asswipe) — have had a teenager-type hissy fit.

Which should tell us all exactly what kind of people they are, as if we didn’t know already.  I see that the foul slag Biberaj is seeking reelection.  Reelection?  How about:

And a big attaboy to Glenn Youngkin for doing the right thing.


  1. What was particularly egregious in this case was that the perp had previously assaulted another girl in the girl’s restroom at a different school, and rather than deal with the scumbag then and there, the fucking wokist school board covered up the crime and transferred him to this guy’s daughter’s school, where he repeated his predation by actually raping the poor girl in the lady’s room while wearing a skirt. Even after that, the POS school board tried to cover up the crime by making justification excuses about tranny rights.
    I don’t know how the father could limit himself to just yelling at the assholes at the Board meeting. He should have taken a baton to them and then hunted down and castrated the perp with a hacksaw to make him the woman he claimed to be..

  2. Our Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj (Virginia doesn’t have DAs) is from NYC and was (and continues to be) heavily funded by George Soros. She lets the criminals walk with no bail, but threw the book at this guy.

    I voted against her in the primary in June, but she won the nomination anyway. She’s likely going to win re-election.

    1. This worries me for Virginia.. Who will battle election fraud here if the AG is “one of those?” To top it off, I am getting emails from candidates urging us to sign up and register for absentee ballots to “secure your vote”. Apparently, this effort is spearheaded by Younkin. As is typical for Virginia republicans, he has been conned into fighting this election with outdated tactics. He is going to lose and lose badly.

      Hey governor – you are not going to out fraud the democrats! We have paper ballots here, so the best way to secure our vote is to make voters actually show up at the polls where accountability can be established with procedures that have been well thought out and codified. Mail in ballots have so many backdoor loopholes there is never going to be a way to secure them, especially with a AG which has no interest in protecting the vote.

      Sorry for the vent.. I know posting this here won’t really make any difference, but it helps my blood pressure to put this stuff out there and get it off my mind.

      1. “I know posting this here won’t really make any difference, but it helps my blood pressure to put this stuff out there and get it off my mind.”

        I agree. I feel the same.

        Another thing that gets to me is I used to attend the monthly meetings at the local sportsman’s club I am a member at.

        I would bring the voting records if the local politicians printed out and call them out during the “good of the club” portion where the club members can speak. I had about half the club tell me I was an asshole. The president of the club threatened to not let me speak and said I might have my membership revoked. One of the local politicians told me in person “my staff fucking hates you”.

        I wear that as a badge of honor. I’m still a member of the club. I just don’t attend the meetings.

        Half of those idiots love having people smile in their face while they get fucked in the ass.

        I am in Massachusetts. Liberal shithole and half of the few conservatives are RINO pieces of shit.

      2. You talking about Jason Miyares? I think he’s doing a great job, and like Youngkin he realizes that he has to meet the Democrats on their level in order to beat them.

        Republicans standing on their high horse bitching about cheaters isn’t going to win the election. Telling people we need to change the rules back so that we only vote on election day isn’t going to win elections.

        What will win elections is talking about the issues voters care about and playing by the the election rules as they are written today, not how they were written years ago.

    2. Virginia’s quaint and old-fashioned nomenclatures have always confused me.

      DA can also be read as “double asswipe”, of course.

  3. Chicks with Dicks and Snatches with Snap ons are coming out of the wood work. If you as a normal person speak up against these mentally ill clowns, you are evil and bad. You are promoting hate speech.

    According the liberals, the first amendment is only for being an echo chamber to their insanity.

  4. If I had a sister and that had happened to her, my father would
    have killed the little bastard and anyone who got in his way.
    I’d like to think his son still has a little of ‘his father’ in him.
    There is no excuse whatsoever for ANY of this tragedy, from end
    to end and top to bottom. The school board should be gutted, almost
    literally, and then the members sued in civil court for everything they
    have and everything they ever will have.
    There is NO JUSTIFICATION for what happened here, NONE and in this instance, I agree with the stand of – SOMEONE is responsible for this and
    that someone needs to PAY, DEARLY, which does not change anything but it damn sure would ‘send a signal’.

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