Aarfy Wins Again

From a long-ago post of mine:

One of my favorite-ever literary passages is in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, when Yossarian walks into a bedroom to discover that his lunatic navigator Aarfy has just murdered a prostitute by throwing her out the window.  While he’s remonstrating with Aarfy, the military police burst into the room — and arrest Yossarian for being AWOL.

Here’s the latest Aarfy:

A police officer has been filmed kneeling down to chat with an animal rights activist who was blocking the road — before grabbing hold of an angry Londoner who was trying to pull a protestor away.

Yeah… don’t arrest the asswipe who’s blocking the road — an actual offense — but by all means do arrest the guy who is doing your job for you.

No wonder Brits aren’t allowed to own AK-47s (passim).


  1. Sadly, England is lost and does not appear to be recoverable. Look at what they did to Tony Martin for defending himself and his farm.


    1. But 2 + 2 = 4 is racist! A culture that never even invented the wheel is superior to Western Civilzation.

      1. Two plus two doesn’t equal four some of the time, nor even most of the time, but all of the time.
        Now, it takes a first class mind to recognize when 2+2=10, or even 2+2=11, without violating any law of mathematics or logic.

  2. During the Summer of Love 2.0, that Brit scenario was repeated all across America.

    Except in Middling Floriduh.

    On the Spaced Coast, our Sheriff announced that if the motorists felt threatened by the Antifa or BLM protesters blocking their path, they should just drive away. Implying that if “away” took them over the protesters, oh well.

    Playtime for Antifa and BLM ended immediately. And our commuters weren’t troubled anymore.

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  4. These people are religious cultists simply put. If Lutherans or Jehovah Witnesses did this, they’d be excoriated and their churches burned (Lutheran ones will likely be empty tho).

  5. >>”No wonder Brits aren’t allowed to own AK-47s ”

    That becomes a matter for chicken/egg speculation. Do governments disarm their people so they can do that sort of thing, or do they do that sort of thing because they know that the serfs must suck it?

    Maybe it’s a difference without a distinction. The bottom line is that a people who are institutionally disarmed are at the mercy of anyone else who isn’t, and therefore no longer possess the qualifications and conditions necessary for authentic self rule.

  6. passim: A Latin word meaning ‘widely scattered’, used in scholarly notes with the sense ‘throughout’, to indicate that the word or expression referred to occurs so often in a given text that references to specific instances are needless. (Oxford Reference)
    Since I agree with and have nothing meaningful to add to the above comments addressing the topic of your post, Kim, I’m asking you to explain, if you please, the usage of “passim” at the end. The online dictionaries I checked are not much help. TIA

  7. when articles like this come up I try to buy another box of ammunition but at this rate I won’t be able to afford ramen next week


  8. It would be a shame if someone were to point out to a crazy, homeless person that a delivering a good smack upside the head to one or more of the protesters will guarantee a warm bed and three meals a day.

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