Not Quite

Over in Britishland, a bunch of cops raided a church during a Good Friday Mass and told everyone they had to leave because they were offending the Gods Of State by breaking some petty Covid-related restrictions.  (I am simply astonished that in a religion which glorifies martyrdom, not one parishioner let themselves be arrested rather than be hounded out of a church on the holiest day of the Christian calendar.  Of course, being meek British Christians, they left the church without fuss, instead of making the cops leave with their tails between their legs, like that Polish priest did in Canada.)

Which led Peter Hitchens to say this:

“When police start raiding our churches, you know the revolution has begun.”

Au contraire, mon cher Pierre:  that is not the start of the revolution;  that is merely the evidence of creeping governmental thuggish totalitarianism.  (And saying “sorry” after the fact doesn’t excuse or exonerate them, the bastards.)

The revolution will begin when the Stasi are chased out by a storm of invective, or bullets.

I am so angered by this that I can barely write about it.  And I’m not even a Christian.

Small wonder there’s an outbreak of “Kill The Bill” protests and riots in Britain.  (“The Old Bill” is a nickname for cops Over There;  I prefer “The Filth”, myself.)

Mass Disobedience

This article made me think:

THIS is the moment more than 30 conspiracy theorists descended on a Tesco store without masks in a “selfish” protest.
Dozens of people flouted Covid restrictions and brazenly went about their shopping trip in the store in Chelmsford, Essex.

Basically, a bunch of people got fed up with all the bullshit about the Chinkvirus, and in a wonderful gesture, said “Fuck you!” to authority and went shopping without their masks.

There are a couple of things to take away from this.  Despite the article’s blatant editorializing (calling them “conspiracy theorists” and calling what they did a “selfish protest”), this group of people could be  characterized by a couple of factors:

  • this was quite definitely a grassroots protest — no group nor even a leader spurred them on to to it — and:
  • this was not a crowd of Lefties — the Usual Suspects one sees doing the protest thing — but from what I can see, a group of ordinary middle-class people, in fact the kind seldom seen protesting.

Despite the bluster, Brits are usually quite a subservient lot — even without the Chinese Plague, they are bossed around by officialdom and petty bureaucrats on a day-to-day basis to a degree that would amaze most Americans — and also quite law-abiding (the two are not the same).

So for this to erupt is going to be quite worrisome to a whole bunch of the little Stasi-wannabes.  And indeed, from the article:

The council and police are now working to find out how this maskless protest was able to happen.

“Organising a maskless shopping trip is not big, not clever but it is illegal.”

And a little editorializing and scolding from the article’s author:

Customers are required by law to wear masks inside all shops, unless they are exempt for medical reasons.

And social distancing must be enforced unless you are from the same household or bubble.

Well, Our Heroines didn’t actually care about the government’s fucking little “bubbles”, did they?

Here’s why this little activity got me thinking.

In his excellent article American Exodus, Angelo Codevilla makes a telling point (and read the whole damn thing).  He says this about the stranglehold that today’s oligarchy (politicians, Press, corporations and technology companies) have over our society Over Here:

The federal government, the governments of states and localities run by the Democratic Party, along with the major corporations, the educational establishment, and the news media set strict but movable boundaries about what they may or may not say—on pain of being cast out, isolated from society’s mainstream. Using an ever-shifting variety of urgent excuses, which range from the coronavirus, to the threat of domestic terrorism, to catastrophic climate change, to the evils of racism, they issue edicts that they enforce through anti-democratic means—from social pressure and threats, to corporate censorship of digital platforms, to bureaucratic fiat. Nobody voted for this.

Then he offers up this little nugget:

Some sort of mostly peaceful exodus is within our powers to achieve.

We can withdraw our compliance, go our own way, and build anew.


Our American exodus won’t be led by a Moses. The Republican Party, with the exception of a few national-level personages, may be as useless as ever. But politics is a collective activity, and the lack of top-down leadership notwithstanding, our exodus is already in progress, thanks to Americans’ legal structures and traditions of state and local autonomy, as well as our Tocquevillian taste for organizing ourselves into ad hoc groups for the common benefit.

Ordinary citizens who are oppressed by COVID-inspired overregulation have also organized themselves to take advantage of the fact that safety in numbers is the first rule of civil disobedience. Thus, hundreds of California restauranteurs jointly defied the governor’s order to keep them closed, and sued him. Joint action is also the key to transforming what the authorities want to treat as disciplinary or criminal matters into political ones.

And finally:

That is why going one’s own way, while paying no more attention to the woke than is absolutely necessary, should be the agenda of the country party, which in this case includes all of those who still feel an attachment to the ideals of republican citizenship that we once shared in common as Americans.

And returning to those doughty British women once more:  there were only thirty.  No doubt, the Filth will be going after them, aided no doubt by the many little Quislings that exist in today’s tattle-tale culture.

Now imagine if there weren’t thirty, but three thousand, spread across every store in town?  Think the cops would be able to go after all of them?  Here’s the kind of job facing the Brit authorities elsewhere in the country.

Codevilla calls it the American Exodus:  the severing of ties by ordinary people like us with the foul bureaucrats, technocrats and their Leftist sympathizers in all the institutions.

Many weeks ago, I talked about my refusal to use Google products as much as is possible (Chrome, Google search, and so on), having no Twitter or Facebook accounts, and my absolute refusal to have anything to do with anti-2A corporations like Levi Strauss — to name but a few.  I make no claim to be a groundbreaker in all this, of course — in fact, I admit to being something of a latecomer to the party — but this is something we need to do en masse from now on.

Withdraw from those societal institutions which are part of this totalitarianism.

Become homeschoolers if you have small kids, or offer to homeschool your grandchildren because the poison that is being dripped into their ears every day not just by state schools but lamentably even by some private schools is the poison that will infect future generations of Americans.  And if you can’t do that, confront your schools and demand that they stop teaching children monstrosities like “critical race theory” (anti-White racism is what it is, and what you should call it).  And by all means enlist your state legislators to your cause (as Ohio did).

We have to do something, anything;  and even though what we each do may seem small and insignificant, those little grains of sand may turn into a landslide, if we all get involved.

And don’t forget to teach your children and grandchildren how to shoot.  In times to come, it may be as important as knowing how to read and write.

By Any Other Name

So this, apparently, is Britain’s roadmap to reality as they emerge from the horrors of Teh Chinkvirus:

To me, all this simply spells


…and about a dozen different ways* for the Filth to harass and / or arrest people.  But I could be wrong.

Also note that in the Blue panel, football matches (20,000-plus crowds) are A-okay, but apparently weddings are “super-spreader events” because they’re still limited to 15 guests only.


*Examples of control-freakery:

  • have 16 guests at your wedding, not 15
  • 7 people over for Easter lunch, not 6 — even if said lunch is an outdoor buffet
  • Grandad’s funeral has 31 mourners, not 30
  • somebody drives 50 miles to visit a sick relative (that’s not “local”, you see)
  • etc.

Note that commonsense would allow some leniency in terms of the numbers — but it doesn’t have to, because in the main the Filth are a bunch of rule-bound control freaks themselves, and because they can do fuck-all about Britain’s actual crime (muggings, stabbings, robberies etc.);  but by God let some granny have one too many guests at her late husband’s funeral, and it’s to jail she’ll be going.


Not Interested

Via Stephen Green at Insty I see that the NorKs are giving President Braindead’s diplomatic initiative the cold shoulder:

The White House said it had not received any response to repeated efforts to reach out to Pyongyang. The news comes as Joe Biden has sent his top diplomatic and military representatives to Asia.

At first glance, one would be puzzled at the Norks’ indifference, because when the Democrats are in control of the country, our “diplomatic initiatives” are most likely to be in the order of “Come to the table so we can bend ourselves over it”.

But considering that the Norks don’t jump unless the ChiComs first tell them how high, all is explained.  Beijing isn’t interested in any kind of diplomacy with the U.S. when they know they can just bully the flabby-kneed idiots in the State Department and White House to get them to do what they want us to do.

And Biden’s “top diplomatic and military representatives” are likely to be complete morons and milquetoasts, so small wonder.

Never mind missing Trump;  I miss Mike Pompeo just as much.

Choices, Earlier

With all the brouhaha surrounding the Ginger Prince’s choice of bride and concomitant embarrassment of The Oprah Interview, allow me to highlight a couple of his earlier long-time girlfriends:


I can’t help thinking that either of the above would have been better choices.  But that’s not all.

See, in the old days, the royals didn’t so much find soulmates as diplomatic alliances, arranged by the respective families.  So had the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors followed established precedent, the Royal Ginger would now be hitched to any one of the following, for example:

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg:

…although I think this multilingual diplomat would have been way over the Royal Ginger’s intellectual punching weight.

Princess Elisabeth von Thur und Taxis:

She’s older than Harry, but then so is Duchess Whinge.

Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark:

The last is actually related to the current Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, but the royals have never let that kind of thing get in the way.  And she’s also an actress, so maybe that would have given her the inside track.

And had Harry wanted to be all woke ‘n stuff and marry outside the Ango-Saxon tent, there was always an outside chance of an arrangement with Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand:

“Princess Siri” would cause all sorts of problems with Apple People nowadays, which just adds to the fun.

In any event, I can’t help but think that hitching up with any of the above would have had a better outcome for old Harry than what he’s tied to now.  And I’m fairly sure the other members of the Britishland Royal Family would agree with me.


While waiting for my Chinkvirus jab yesterday at CVS, this Mexican woman came up to the pharmacist — a Chinese immigrant, as it happened — and started trying to tell him her problems with her Rx script, and also asked where could she find some product or other.

She could not speak a word of English.  When he asked her for her birth date so he could pull up her Rx record, she just stared at him blankly.  Then she repeated everything she’d said earlier, as though this was going to change everything.

Amazingly, the pharmacist actually made some sense of the second part of her speech, and said, “Aisle Number 8”, which was met with the same blank stare as before.

Then she started to get angry, and began her little speech again, only louder and irritably, whereupon he said, loudly, “ID?”

That she understood, and groveled around in her Mexican purse (a.k.a. a well-used plastic Fiesta shopping bag), then handed it to him.  He looked up her record — gawd knows what would have ensued had it been a fake ID or something — and shrugged.  “You can’t pick these up yet;  it’s too soon.”

Well, if “Aisle Number 8” was beyond her, that little explanation wasn’t going to fly.  So she grabbed her ID card from his hand, and stormed out of the store.

If immigrants to this country want to take a wild guess as to why they aren’t welcomed with open arms, this would be Exhibit #1.  What got me was not just this fool’s inability to speak English, but her testy attitude when the pharmacist couldn’t speak Spanish.  You would think that before coming to deal with a problem, she’d at least bother to learn a few English words to help her get her point across, but noooo.

What really got up my nose was that the pharmacist — also an immigrant — spoke excellent English;  he’d had to learn it in his mid-twenties when he came over fro China and enrolled at University of Texas to get his degree (as I learned when I was chatting to him afterwards).  In other words, he’d not only learned a foreign language but an entirely different alphabet, and earned a medical degree in that same language.  No doubt at some point he’s going to get a corporate reprimand for his lack of customer service skills.

I know that he probably moonlights as an agent of the ChiCom Party, but I’m still on his side.

And I am even more determined not to bother to learn Spanish (something I’ve been idly considering over the past few months).  Fukkem, and FIFO.