Political Snigger

First we had that “right-wing” libertarian (?) winning big in [Don’t Cry For Me] Argentina, and now the Dutch too seem to have come to their senses (and not a moment too soon):

In yet another sign of a global political shift, the right-wing populist Party for Freedom in the Netherlands is projected to win a large plurality. According to exit polling, the PVV will pick up at least 35 seats while the current ruling coalition will combine for 37 losses while only winning 41 seats total. That makes Geert Wilders, the founder of the Party for Freedom, the big winner.

Of course, this has the Left screaming hair-on-fire stuff:

The Netherlands will join an increasingly long list of West European countries (CH, FR, IT, SE) where the radical right has overtaken the mainstream right has the main party of the right.

Never mind that their definition of “radical right” would, in U.S. terms, make Wilders’s party more like centrist Democrats (anyone remember them?) Over Here.  (For those unfamiliar with the terminology:  that would be Switzerland, France, Italy and Sweden [!] who have recently moved to the “right”.)

Anyway, getting back to the Dutchies:

“It’s been enough now. The Netherlands can’t take it anymore. We have to think about our own people first now. Borders closed. Zero asylum seekers,” Wilders said in a television debate on the eve of the election.

Sounds kinda like Trump, doesn’t it?  Let’s hope that Wilders, unlike Trump, actually starts to do something about the situation once he’s sworn in.

Expect the lawyers to start sharpening their quills so as to try to stop in the courts any commonsense policy he implements — just like our leftist assholes do Over Here.

Let the mass deportations begin… and once again, not a moment too soon.

Comparative Paradise

Here’s an interesting development:

South Africa is planning to withdraw from UN conventions so the government can restrict immigration and send refugees back to countries that are not deemed dangerous.

Indeed, the nation’s statistics agency said last month there were more than 2.4 million migrants in South Africa last year, with the highest percentage coming from neighboring Zimbabwe at 45.5 per cent, followed by Mozambique and Lesotho. 

‘Migration between countries is driven largely by the quest for economic opportunities, political instability, and increasingly, environmental hazards,’ said Statistics South Africa. 

A little-known fact about Seffrica is that it’s seen as a Mecca, so to speak, by all the other sub-Saharan African countries (a.k.a. shitholes) because it’s seen as the best-functioning country in the sub-continent, with the greatest opportunities for jobs.

Fact:  Seffrica has an “official” unemployment rate of over 48%, and in some areas it’s a lot higher.

Fact:  Most Black Seffricans loathe the “immigrants” from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi et al., and they display their enmity in the traditional manner:  murder, disembowelment, amputation and immolation (when they can find any gasoline, that is).  In fact, if you subtract the murders of migrants from the statistics, then the national murder rate drops quite substantially (to about double that of South Side Chicago, for instance).  And those are the official (i.e. reported) murders;  most go unreported, and un-investigated by the world’s most incompetent and corrupt police force.

Fact:  Violent crime perpetrated by said “immigrants” and “asylum seekers” is obscenely high.  A huge number of the carjacking gangs, burglary rings and so on are organized and staffed by the above, and one of Seffrica’s most notorious serial killers (recently captured) was a native Mozambican.

So it’s no surprise that the Seffrican government has taken the stance that it has:

Mr Motsoaledi said the ruling African National Congress (ANC) had made a ‘serious mistake’ when it signed up to international agreements without seeking exceptions from certain clauses. Other countries had opted out of giving refugees the same rights as citizens. 

The government minister said that the current liberal laws, which saw the ANC open up South Africa’s borders to migrants and asylum seekers at the end of apartheid rule in 1994, were now outdated and needed a ‘radical overhaul’. 

Mr Motsoaledi is now pushing for people seeking asylum in South Africa to stay in the first safe country they enter – a proposal that will largely affect those from other African nations. 

Under this plan, refugees from Malawi will have to stay in Zambia and not go further south (through Zimbabwe) to get to the Promised Land.

If all this sounds familiar to my Murkin and Brit Readers, it should.  Plus ça change, plus la même chose.

5 Worst Irish Names

Too many vowels, too many strange pronunciation rules, too… just too fucking Irish:

  1.  Saoirse (“sear-sha”, or if you want to mess with them, “sasha”)
  2. Ciarán (“kier-ahn”)
  3. Aisling (“ash-ling”)
  4. Eoin (“oh-win”)
  5. Bronagh / Bronaugh (“Broh-na” — with a very slight “ch” at the end, pronounced like the Scottish “loch”) — see also Clodagh.

I think they just have these names to fuck with ordinary English-speaking people, so that they can mock us for not knowing how to pronounce them.  They’re almost as bad as the French.


Quote Of The Day

From Stephen Green, commenting on this situation:

“It could be that the intel is correct and Hamas is lying to draw Israel (and perhaps the US) into fighting Iran directly, we have just another massive intel failure, or our officials are lying.”

Option d.)  All the above are true.

“Quick, Martha…”

“…hand me mah smellin’ salts!”  From KrautPres / Reichkanzler Olaf Scholz comes this little bombshell:

We must finally deport on a large scale those who have no right to stay in Germany.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but you have to admit, it’s a first from any post-Mutti Merkel politician.

And in the same article, from Swissland:

Switzerland moved rightwards in an election on Sunday, giving the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) more seats in parliament as concerns about rising immigration outweighed those about the environment, final results showed on Monday.

Wait… the Green Nude Eel is starting to lose favor with, of all people, the Swiss?  And “concerns about immigration”?  Anyone would think that Swiss cities like Zurich have seen a massive increase in violent crime, mostly committed by “immigrants” of the Afro-Arab persuasion.

Oh, wait… they have.

A Good Start

Looks like the Izzies have got the bit between their teeth:

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroyed the Islamic University of Gaza — dropping bombs on what the Israeli military said was a training hub for engineers who helped carry out terrorist attacks.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) confirmed the bombing, saying the university served as “an important center of political and military power” for Hamas and a “training institution for the development and production of weapons,” The Times of Israel reported.

Sorta like the West Point of Muslim Terrorism, huh?  One can only hope that there were lots of casualties among both staff and students.

Keep it up, guys.