There Goes The Neighborhood

So there’s going to be a General Election in Britishland on Jul 4.  From all accounts, it will be the date on which Britain declared its independence… from sane government.

This is because at the moment, polling suggests that the “Conservative” Party is going to get its ass handed to them, while the Raving Loony Labour Party is going to come to office promising all sorts of the usual Commie bullshit (Tax Teh Rich©, Nationalize Everything© etc.), as well as all the other issues so beloved of modern-day socialists:  absolute belief and support for Global Warming Climate Cooling Change©, ditto for The Great Cultural Assimilation Project©, not to mention the Encourage Lawlessness Principle©.

Don’t be surprised to see the Brexit Referendum overturned either, whereupon Britishland will once again become part of the Fourth Reich©.

I know that The Englishman is utterly despondent about all this;  I tried to contact Mr. Free Market on the topic, but he is incommunicado — no doubt busily trying to organize domicile in Monaco or Bermuda to escape the looming catastrophe.  As for the Sorensons, I do recall hearing a while back some mutterings about the advantages of life in Spain, so maybe they’re also ummm exploring their options.  Or, in a recent email from Mrs. Sor (a.k.a. The Catholic):

“You might find me and Himself as neighbors if the Conservatives lose…”

I don’t even want to think about how much I’d love that.

My other Brit Readers, of course, are welcome to share their feelings on the topic.

When You’ve Lost The Dutch

Dutch people, as a rule, are famously tolerant and generally speaking, a decent lot (except when occupied by Nazi Germany).

So when the Dutchies use bulldozers and batons to clear out a terrorsymp encampment, you have to know that your cause may be in trouble.

And if the above two links didn’t elicit at least a grim smile from you, we can’t be friends.

My suggestion for riot control, as always, is a little stronger than bulldozers and batons:

Get ‘Em While They’re Fresh

Here’s a headline which will make you do something:

But here’s the punchline:

A guest, who endorsed the marriage, said the marriage came about due to a longstanding custom mandating that the priest marry a virgin. He revealed that there are currently no virgin girls in Nungua above the age of nine.

What was that saying about Africa winning?  Oh yeah… well, read all about it.

Warning:  contains the name “Gborbu Wulomo Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII”.  (Strange way to spell “child molester”, but there ya go.)

Whose Country?

Eh, anyone could have seen this one coming:

The United Kingdom showcased its submission to mass immigration on Tuesday by flying the Pakistani flag above its most important Anglican church.

Footage shared across the X platform showed the flag of Pakistan flying above Westminster Abbey.

According to the Pakistan High Commission, the flag was hoisted to celebrate Pakistan Day, a national holiday commemorating the adoption of the first Constitution of Pakistan.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with flying a Muslim flag over a Christian cathedral… during Holy Week, the most important event on the Christian calendar.

FFS, I’m an atheist and even I’m offended by this blatant example of ummah.

You Don’t Say Pt. 2

Following on yesterday’s news from Denmark comes this new bombshell from Germany:

When it comes to crimes against life, 54 percent of cases of murder were committed by foreigners, while they were responsible for 64.8 percent of cases involving manslaughter.

Foreigners were also vastly overrepresented in robbery cases, including 65.5 percent of robberies, 75.6 percent of aggravated robbery, 93 percent of car thefts, 87.5 percent of handbag thefts, 93 percent of pickpocketing cases, 87.5 of violent burglaries, 80 percent of daytime burglaries, and 72.9 percent of street thefts.

Foreigners also committed 75 percent of money counterfeiting crimes, and 62.5 percent of sexual blackmail cases.

Foreigners were additionally responsible for 83.3 percent of human trafficking cases and the same amount of forced prostitution cases.

When it comes to serious sexual crimes, foreigners are also vastly overrepresented, with the data showing they were also responsible for 64.1 percent of all rape cases. In one of the most extreme data points from the new statistics, foreigners were responsible for 100 percent of serious sexual assault cases.

“But the Western whores were just asking for it”, the cultural relativists will wail.  “No wonder the pore Muslim- and African lads were led astray.”

Hang ’em all.  Yeah, the apologists as well as the rapists and murderers.