Of Course They Are

Let’s hear it for European Wokism:

More than 90 per cent of severely ill coronavirus patients in Germany have a ‘migrant background’, a leading doctor has said, prompting claims that the government is turning a blind eye to the issue to avoid igniting a race row.

‘There are parallel societies in our country. You can only put that right with proper outreach work in the mosques, but we’re not getting through. And that sucks,’ he said.

Guess those niqabs aren’t helping them much, huh?

Which leads to another interesting question:  Are face condoms worthless?

In related news, Texas will lose all the stupid Chinkvirus restrictions next Monday.  If I weren’t staying in a hotel, I’d be building a bonfire for all those stupid and, as it turns out, useless masks…

News Roundup

With commentary, spicy like Odalys Garcia:

apparently there was some Hollywood awards show, and a few trendies and old Commies sounded off, like anyone outside their own circle cares what they think anymore.  Viewership was 5.1 million, compared to Trump’s CPAC speech with 31 million online viewers.  LOL

a great idea for spending a whole bunch of other people’s money on a movie that maybe 0.0000005% of the Western world will actually pay to see, e.g. the previous such effort, Ballbusters.  And speaking of which:

A mother-of-three spat pepper spray into a police officer’s eye after it was fired into her face and mouth as she was arrested in Bristol
for some reason, I just can’t seem to find any sympathy for P.C. Pepperspray.

how about the “politics of fuck you”, you racist hustler.

Never mind, President Bigbucks is riding to the rescue:

and as a real African American, I cannot wait for you honkies to gimme wass ri’ fooey mine.

yeah, why IS that, President Braindead?  

which would be like saying that someone’s cough has got better, now that he’s dead.  More to the point:  WTF is the “World Economic Forum” and why should anyone be listening to them anyway?

and no doubt, the next Republican president is going to make him as dead as Bin Laden (because President Mail Fraud sure as hell won’t).

surprising as it may seem to some Brits, not everyone in the world cares about the antics of some titled twat.

[insert cock joke here]

in Portland-Am-Rhein.

and yet Over Here, we can’t even indict the bureaucrats who tried to undermine a legally-elected Republican President.  And speaking of which:

as if just being John Brennan wasn’t embarrassing enough.

Did someone say, “More Odalys Garcia”?

Thought so.

Check This, Assholes

Here’s something to brighten your day:

Miller was contacted following a complaint by an offended party about a poem he shared on social media which was deemed transphobic. The officer explained that, although not illegal, this nevertheless qualified as a ‘non-crime hate incident’.
Why, Miller asked, was the unnamed complainant described as a ‘victim’ if no crime had been committed? More to the point, why was he being investigated at all?
To which came that ominous response: ‘We need to check your thinking.’

So we’re all clear, this happened in Britishland, where the fuzz (I prefer the British term “filth”, myself) have been playing reindeer games like this:

Now I’m not one to advocate violence against the pigs (such as these);  I don’t believe in firebombing cop cars, or ambushing police officers, or anything like that.

But I would be hard-pressed to condemn an action where some free-speech-advocating malcontent might put a couple rounds of birdshot through this sign — as long as there weren’t any cops standing around, and nobody was hurt, or anything.

Note to the fascist Wokistas on this side of The Pond:  don’t even think about it [sic].  And if any of the local fuzz ever accuse me of an “offense” like this, they’d better have the relevant statute ready to quote, along with a large number of other cops.

I need to cut down my morning intake of gin, but bullshit like this doesn’t help.


From the fiendish Mr. Free Market:

At first, my reaction was pretty much the same as all my Murkin Readers:  “Hell, no!”

But then I started to think about it.

Lessee:  we’d lose New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

On balance, I’d be tempted to say that the Brits could have ’em all back (with the possible exceptions of Georgia and South Carolina, which we could trade maybe for California?) and frankly, we could solve a whole bunch of problems for the rest of us.

Granted, Virginia comprises Northern Virginia (Commies and bureaucrats) and Remaining Virginia (decent conservative folk), ditto North Carolina which outside Raleigh-Durham (Commies and academics) is likewise populated with decent conservatives.

I’m starting to have second thoughts about Georgia, after their shenanigans in the 2020 elections, and don’t talk to me about Pennsylvania…

Actually, given that the Brits love cities (London, Manchester, Liverpool etc.) I’d be willing just to hand over all 13 states’ cities (New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore etc.) and keep the countryside outside for ourselves.

Frankly, I’m not sure that the Brits could handle the country folk in any of the 13 states — just watching them trying to impose their gun laws in Western Pennsylvania and Georgia alone would be worth the price of admission.

Like I said, at first I was sorta-outraged;  but let’s be honest:  which of us wouldn’t be glad to see the back of New York City and Boston?

Snapping Point

Let’s hear it again for that wonderful thing called “diversity”:

Racist Aldi customer yells in female worker’s face that ‘everywhere I move there are fucking Eastern Europeans’ in xenophobic rant.

Okay, a couple of points.  A British man shouting at an Eastern European woman isn’t “racist”, any more than an Israeli shouting abuse at an Arab is racist — both groups are genetically identical, the Brit to the European, the Israeli to the Arab.

That being out of the way, let’s look at the larger issue.

The only thing the newspaper headline got right is that the tirade was xenophobic.

And what, I ask, is that wrong with xenophobia (literally, a fear of strangers, now magically transformed into a hatred towards strangers)?

Here’s the thing.  When you grow up in an ethnically-homogenous society, it is an inherent human trait to be suspicious of strangers, for all sorts of historical reasons which go back so far they’ve become genetic — countless millennia of social conditioning have seen to that.  It’s precisely the same impulse which gets parents to teach their children not to get into the red van with a stranger.  Outsiders, as any respectable anthropologist or Old Western sheriff will tell you, are potentially dangerous because they have no roots in the community, and often have values and morals which are completely different from (and in some cases are hostile towards) a settled community’s values.  (And for a reality check:  immigrants all over the world engage in criminal behavior out of all proportion to their actual numbers.)

Oh I know, in these modern oh-so tolerant and accepting (ha!) times, we should seek to deny our human nature because it’s eeeevil and diversity is wonderful and all that.  The “melting pot theory” fantasists are completely wedded to that concept, even though both history and the human condition have proven that it is complete bullshit.  The plain fact of the matter is that if foreigners are to come into a settled community which is ethnically and socially different to theirs, they are the ones who need to assimilate, to make the effort to submerge themselves into the dominant culture — it’s not up to the locals to accommodate them, even though you’re still going to find those irritating “Habla Español” signs everywhere.  (That, by the way, is a courtesy and not an obligation, although many would say it’s the latter.)

I’m acutely aware of this, of course, because I myself am an immigrant and still speak with something of a South African accent after nearly forty years’ residence in my beloved adopted country.  (Blame my vocal cords, which had stiffened beyond adaptability by the time I got here in my early 30s.)  But culturally, I defy anyone, native-born or naturalized, to be more American than I am because when I came here, I was determined to become an American and not remain some malcontent foreigner forever rooted in my home country.

This is not always the case with immigrants, though, and that is why people like that Brit in the article let loose:  he had reached the limits of his xeno-tolerance.  Race had nothing at all to do with it.

Here’s the final word.  In one of those little exquisite twists of irony, the Aldi supermarket chain is actually of German origin.  But when you step into an Aldi store here and in Britain, all the signs are in English, not German;  and the currency is local and not euros.  And while Aldi often hires non-locals, that’s an economic rationale because immigrants are prepared to work for lower wages than locals, and Aldi’s marketing policy is to be the low-price retailer in town.  But even this approach is fraught with hazard:

“You can ban me from every Aldi in the fucking world, the sooner this fucking store is shut down and kicked out the fucking UK the better.”

I bet he’s not the only bloke in town who feels that way.

Old Times, Good Times

This made me expel some breakfast gin out of my nose:

German officials are being forced to convert refugee camps into the new network of Covid detention facilities, because all the really good camps are currently filled with tourists taking photos and Jews making documentaries.  It’s a lesson that every oppressive regime needs to learn:  Don’t turn your best concentration camps into museums;  you never know when they might be needed again.

Arbeit macht Krankfrei, in other words.