News Roundup

In and out in ninety seconds, just like a teenage boy’s first sexual encounter.

a rough guess as to why would be that the banks will have zero chance of getting any money back from the airlines, and it’s easier to stiff millions of individuals than try to sue a few airlines.

which would piss me off, if I ever used the bloated and stupid MS Word for anything.

wait:  China’s been lying?  Excuse me while I go and borrow Sarah Hoyt’s shocked face.

except that the MexGov, unlike China, wasn’t lying;  they’re just stupidly inefficient.

serve her right, the little cock-teaser.

and in other news, the Japs Asians just bombed Pearl Harbor.

see “Pearl Harbor”, above.  Gotta hand it to the DHS:  always a day late and a billion dollars short.  Also, I’m hanging onto Sarah’s shocked face for a while, because

you mean Politico isn’t a dependable source for news, and is just like all the other China-asskissing media?


ooohh, he is going to be in SO much trouble for flouting the “social distancing” regulations so egregiously.


  1. So, the experts have determined that the double space is no longer needed. F*ck ’em! I’ll double space until the day I die. If they don’t like it, they can sit on it and rotate. It was bad enough when they started screwing with the Oxford comma, now they want to reformat paragraph structure just to please some academic’s idea of the “new” grammar? No thank you.

    1. See, THIS is what happens when we turn adjectives into nouns… confusion everywhere.

    2. I thought the same thing, that the bear killed a female HUMAN who refused to mate with him. I thought if you’re so ugly a bear tries to get it on with you, you might want to take it where you can get it. Then I said “Eh, Russia”.

    3. Yeah, I thought it was a human female as well. My first thought was that apparently she was there for the hunting after all…

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