1. While I understand your feelings, I’m afraid this is a lost cause.

    I’ve been in the UK for the last 3 weeks, everywhere from London to the Western Highlands of Scotland. Everywhere I go hear or see the “I was sat over there….” type of usage. It’s become a part of the vernacular among the working class over here and nobody bats an eye.

    It’s horrible and ugly, but not as bad as “could of” and “should of”, which make me reach for my gun.

    1. It’s not just the working classes. I’ve heard that shit at a dinner party full of toffs as well.

      And if ever there’s an example of the Prole Drift of the BBC, it’s when I heard Piers Morgan talking about “being sat there”…

    2. “Could of” and “should of” should be spelled “could’ve” and “should’ve”. If you are a native English-speaker with an IQ over 90 and passed 8th grade, but are unaware that these are compound verbs with “have”, your grammar teachers should be hanged.

    1. Thankee. Tony Farinha was an old Army buddy, and why should my memory not fail me when I’m enraged?

  2. Well at least it’s understandable and you can figure out what’s being said. I’ve been catching up with episodes of season 3 of Clarkson’s farm , and I still have no idea what Gerald says when ever he speaks what is allegedly English. …… but then neither does Jeramy.

    1. > no idea what Gerald says

      Even the people who put the subtitles together often don’t have a clue what Gerald is saying. 🙂

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