Getting Burned

Loyal Readers will remember this happy event:

Seems as though this Old Phartte popped his clogs at age 91, and decided that because his grandchildren had never bothered to visit him while he was in hospital, that they weren’t worthy of getting any of his loot once he was gone. So instead of cutting them out of his will, he left them each only a few bucks.

Needless to say, the grandchildren sued the estate, claiming that they were “entitled” to a third, rather than the 0.0001% thereof specified in his will.

Anyway, this group of ingrates lost their case, and a damn good thing it is too.  And for the record, they’re as ugly as they are greedy.

I know, I know:  you loved the outcome as much as I did.


Five granddaughters who were handed just £50 each of their grandfather’s £500,000 fortune because he was ‘hurt’ they never visited him have been ordered to pay £220,000 in court costs.

I love a story with a happy ending.  Especially when it comes to greedy assholes getting their comeuppance.  Like this lot:

Appropriating Property

Of late, New Wife and I have been watching the “24 Hours in A&E” TV show on Amazon in the evening.  Of course, it being a Brit show, it comes off as a PR blowjob for the NHS, because the doctors are all wonderful, the facilities are excellent, the care immediate and so on.

Of course, the episodes are carefully located in the two best hospitals in the U.K. (London’s King’s College in the early seasons, and St. George’s in the subsequent ones), where all the above is true.  Were the show to be filmed in any of the other regional NHS hospitals, the show would include things like hours-long waits for a simple CT scan, 12-hour (or longer) waits for treatment of “non-life-threatening” ailments, inadequate ambulance service, incompetent / uncaring staff and all the other horrible stuff that are so much a part of the NHS, and which is reported upon almost daily in their newspapers.

But all that’s just background.

A couple of nights ago, one patient featured was a Spanish guy who had come off his bike and fractured his ankle.  Part of the background was an interview with his “partner”, an Italian woman with whom he had shared his life for many years.

They were, in simple terms, anarchists who had taken part in violent street demonstrations all over Europe and the UK, and when not doing so, were professional squatters, who took over unoccupied houses and lived in them, all excused with the simple excuse:  “There were homeless people, and there were unused houses;  so we just redressed the balance.”

Being anarchists, of course, the concept of “private property” had no meaning to them, and so these fucking freeloaders could live rent-free and indulge themselves in their pointless “world-changing” little games of street theater.

New Wife had to shush me because I became increasingly angry as the tale unfolded, and started yelling invective at the TV, as any sane person would.

The final straw came when we learned that this Eurotrash pair had since become parents of two children, and the family was now living in a rented house as ordinary citizens.

Of course, what I wanted to happen was for them to go out for an afternoon visit to the park with their kids, and return to find that their house had been taken over by squatters.  But I was denied that karma, unfortunately.

All this came to mind when I read this little piece, sent to me by a Reader:

Squatting, whereby strangers move into the properties of American homeowners and refuse to leave, has quickly become part of the zeitgeist as a series of news-making stories have shocked the nation.

Squatters can gain certain legal rights under specific conditions, such as continuous occupation for a defined period, typically ranging from 5 to 20 years, depending on the state. In some states where laws make it difficult for police to intervene, including New York, homeowners and landlords are left with few options to reclaim their property. Many victims are forced to submit to costly and lengthy civil processes. 

Of course, the main reason behind the latter silliness is that squatting is being treated by government as a civil process rather than as a criminal one.  Considering that the primary (some would say it should be the only) function of government is to guarantee and enforce property rights, this abandonment of the criminal for the civil is disgusting per se, but we can talk about that some other time.

In the meantime:

Real estate mogul Shawn Meaike is concerned how hard-working, well-intentioned Americans will handle squatting issues as they grow more and more desperate.

“People are going to start taking matters into their own hands. That’s what we do when there is lawlessness,” Meaike told Fox News Digital. 

“Something really bad is going to happen,” he said. “Am I saying this right thing to do? No, I’m not.”

Well, I am saying that it is the right thing to do.

Because when government fails to do its duty, then citizens have every right to take the law back into its own hands, in this case, to protect their private property from the theft thereof by others.

Let me be even more specific.

If I were to come back to my own house to find it being unlawfully occupied by some scrotes and they refused to vacate the property immediately, there would be gunfire, and a lot of it.

And the cops?  They could come and collect the bodies and my statement of having been in fear for my life, having been threatened by the late criminals.

This anarchy bullshit?  It needs to come to an end, and if the State is unable or unwilling to fulfill its primary duty, then they have to understand that people will “start taking matters into their own hands”.

“They bought a property. They believe in the American dream. They wanted to get ahead. And the American dream became the American nightmare because somebody took what was theirs and the law was on the criminal’s side. It’s a scary place to be,” Meaike said.

He suspects that victims are already starting to get desperate as police offers in liberal-run states aren’t able to help..

All the handwringing and sympathy for these criminals, and misplaced respect for the law as it’s being perverted by government doesn’t mean shit.  We are, or used to be, a nation of laws;  and foremost among these were laws that define and protect both the concept and the substance of private property.  If the State (or state, such as California or New York) has abrogated its duty, they need to accept the consequences thereof.

And by the way:  the “rights” of the squatters?  They don’t have any.  They’re fucking thieves and criminals, no matter what the law thinks.  It’s the property owners who have rights, by law — and those rights include government protecting their property from misappropriation.

End of story.

So Much For A.I.

I don’t think so, Scooter:

They all, without exception, look like washed-up whores with thousand-cock stares — and that’s after all the Instagram filters have been applied.

And I don’t know which 2,000 men they surveyed, but judging from the output I’m guessing that WASPs were not highly represented in the sample.

If this is the belle ideal  (so to speak) of choices available to young men these days, it’s small wonder that the birth rate is dropping and men are going their own way, sometimes to foreign countries to find a suitable mate.

I wouldn’t touch any of them, not even with Bill Clinton’s dick.


One last Halloween thing, before we consign it to the trash heap of 2013.  Actually, it’s one of the few things I don’t mind too much about this stupid event:  the way celebrities go out of their way to make even bigger fools of themselves than we know they are already.  That said, there are some benefits, especially when it comes to showing the flesh.

Take Mrs. Ozzy Osbourne, for instance:

…who was actually copying some else’s “costume”:

Oy, Sharon…

Then there’s Heidi Klum, who went the other way this Halloween and actually covered up (as opposed to being semi-naked most of the time):

Then there’s Jonathan Ross (“Wossy”)’s daughter Honey:

Okay, I’ll need to make amends for that one (no man should):

Okay, that’s enough of that.

Childish Games

Ever notice that it’s almost always Leftists who indulge in silly-ass actions when they see something they don’t agree with?

Rhode Island State Senator Joshua Miller, 69, a Democrat representing Cranston and Providence, has been arrested and charged with Vandalism/Malicious Injury to Property.

He is accused of deliberately defacing another man’s car because of an anti-Biden bumper sticker on the vehicle.

Miller denied causing any damage to the vehicle and alleged that the car’s owner had followed and verbally threatened him. Miller further speculated, “I am a state senator. I think he recognized me. I think he is one of those ‘gun nuts’.”

Note the classic misdirection ploy.  Didn’t work.

Isn’t this Lefty tool a little too old to be playing these silly games?  Apparently not.

I think the car owner deserves to get a complete new paint job, payment to be taken directly from the old asshole’s personal checking account.  Of course, that won’t happen because Rhode Island is a seething hive of wretched scum and villainy of the “progressive” variety.

Or he could just endure a public flogging — essentially, a spanking for a childish misdemeanor to make the punishment fit the crime — but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this suggestion.

Wasted Money

I note this development with something approaching gloom:

Amber Heard has finally paid Johnny Depp the $1million settlement she owed him after their bitter legal battle – as the Pirates of the Caribbean star vows to split it five ways among his favorite charities.

Depp and his ex-wife eventually settled their defamation claims against each other in December after five years of furious legal battles.

I know, ’tis a noble thing to do, giving away that demented tart’s money to worthy causes etc. etc.  And I know that Depp has enough money so that he can afford to give a million spondulicks away.

But I also wish he’d spent just a little of that money on something completely frivolous — say, a flashy Ferrari with a custom plate reading “BYTE MEBTCH” — because there’s nothing like creating a constant reminder to all the other gold-digging whores (thank you, Bill Burr) who want to enrich themselves at their wealthy paramours’ expense.

Actually, it would be a public service.