Quote Of The Day

Liberal Women Threatening A Sex Boycott Over Abortion Issue, reads the headline.  From Scott Adams:

“A sex strike by Democrat women would end the need for abortions.  Everyone wins.”

Joy Behar?  Seriously?

No Surprise

There are really three elements to the story of Netflix’s share price collapsing and their market cap falling through the floor.

The first is the simple stuff:  Netflix’s offerings are dire.  I think there should be an award for the guy who can scroll through their movie menu and find something he really wants to watch, in under 30 minutes.  Speaking for myself, I find myself looking for movies on Netflix linger than I actually spend watching any.  This is because Netflix’s own movies are about 10% decent and 90% utter trash.  The 10% includes the brilliant After Life  (Ricky Gervais).  The 90%?  Oy.  They run from endless permutations of women finding themselves while reconciling with a dying parent / sibling / whatever, to mindless celebrity pablum (“my Scientology experience”) to cartoonish rubbish action movies featuring female superheroes, and woke “dramas” riddled with angst.

After a while, I either turn off the TV altogether, or else take the option of Netflix’s other problem:  I go to another movie outlet.  Not that Amazon Prime is much better;  in terms of content, they’re about the same as Netflix:  10% decent, the rest ugh.  Even worse are Prime’s options, in that they’ll show you the first season of a show for free, but then you have to buy the rest.  Fuck that.  There, Netflix’s offer is at least consistent: subscribe, and everything’s “free” thereafter.  Hulu and Roku throw in atmosphere-destroying commercials, so forget that shit as well.

I rather like Discovery+, especially their true crime documentaries, while New Wife likes all the shows about Alaska, and some of the real estate shows.  But that’s pretty much it, because I absolutely refuse to subscribe to any other of the streamers like Britbox.  Thank gawd for Turner Classic movies, because I think I’m nearing the end with Discovery+.

Netflix’s third problem is a common one in the business world:  over-demanding shareholders and accountants.  You see, once a startup company reaches a commanding market share, further growth becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible, especially if new players enter the fray with similar offerings.  None of that matters to the shareholders and finance people, who have grown used to and got rich from annual gains of 25% in market share and / or the share price, and who want that gravy train to last forever.  It can’t, of course, even absent stupid business decisions (like embracing wokedom).  Market growth is finite, and expanding markets by getting into bed with evil yet populous societies like China or Russia have risks that could (and do, and have) endangered many, many corporations and organizations(Apple, NBA, coff coff ).

So there you have it:  a classic case of corporate hubris.

And I see that Disney is starting to see its own ass, too.

The Usual Grump

…about clothing, and the appropriate wearing thereof.  First, the plaudits.

I have always had an old-man crush on Anya Taylor-Joy, the chick from that chess movie, and her latest appearance did nothing to end that for me:


Best legs I’ve seen in quite a while, so why shouldn’t she show them off?

Her boyfriend, despite looking a little like a taller Frodo Baggins, was at least appropriately attired:

The same stylish and appropriate attire did not extend to some of the rest of the male(?) attendees.  The Skarsgård boy (Anya’s co-star in the movie) wore a tee shirt:

…while the editor of British Vogue  looked like a morning Tube commuter:

…and the whole thing went rapidly downhill from there:


This post has been brewing for a while, because a couple weeks ago at some other movie premiere / red carpet thing, we were treated to this horrifying nonsense:


Seriously?  At a formal evening event?

Compare the above with the 1940 Academy Awards banquet:

‘Nuff said.

No Chance

I see that beautiful New Zealand is opening its borders to tourists next month, and my only thought is:

No.  Fucking.  Way.

Sure;  I’ll endure a 17-hour flight in an economy seat, arrive in Kiwiland only to discover that someone has caught the sniffles so Reichsfuehrer  Jacinda Wossname can lock the place up again, inflicting an endless stream of horrible TV, bad food and ugly, badly-dressed and ultra-feministical wimmyns* on my sensitive soul?

Listen:  the only reason I’d go Further Down Under would be to watch NZ play rugby or cricket against South Africa or England, and even that’s a dubious proposition.

Now I need to ameliorate my apparent harshness with this observation:  while I’ve never met an Australian (male or female) that I didn’t want to punch in the mouth ten minutes after meeting them, I have always enjoyed the company of (male and female) New Zealanders:  Australians without the rudeness and attitude, to make it brief.  But that’s not enough.

Not gonna happen, and as for the beautiful scenery:  you can stick it up your Peter Jackson.  Middle Earth, my aching African-American ass.

*hence the old joke:  Hear about the Miss New Zealand competition?  Nobody won.

Declining Standards

Back in the days of my very-much misspent yoot, we did the student protest thing not just because of injustice and fighting back against The Man etc., but also because it was a really good place to pick up chicks.  And by and large, they were good-looking ones too.


Yeesh.  No wonder all the male protesters these days look like effeminate girlymen if not actual homosexualists.

Then again, if I drop the rose-colored spectacles for a moment, I also recall that a lot of the Indignant Womyns back then were kinda like the scolds we see today:  uhly, humorless and fanatical.

No man should.

Fitting Punishment

Here’s an interesting one:

A psychology student has been arrested for a hate crime after allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs at three Jewish children before spitting on one in Brooklyn last week.
Christina Darling, 21, was arrested on Friday and has been charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, endangering the welfare of a child and menacing [behavior].
In the video, the St Francis College student can be seen stomping up to an eight-year-old boy playing with two of his younger siblings – aged seven and two – and launched into an anti-Semitic tirade before spitting on him.
‘Hitler should have killed you all. I’ll kill you and know where you live,’ she yelled.

See, I don’t buy the “hate crime” thing at all, but spitting at someone is classed as assault, and a minor felony, ergo  this unpleasant little virago deserves some kind of punishment…

…which, under the reign of World-Emperor Kim would be that she be exiled for one year to live in Israel — Jerusalem, preferably.

The NYGovt could pick up the tab, which would be less than keeping her incarcerated.