First Report / Second Report

At first, the viral video showed some asshole Manhattan finance type [redundancy alert]  punching a woman unconscious, and the general reaction was anger at the man’s brutality.

Well, Nazzo fast, Guido.  Seems as though there was more to the story than first met the eye:

Millionaire investment banker Jonathan Kaye was threatened, called anti-Semitic slurs, and doused in a mystery liquid, moments before he was filmed punching a woman at a Brooklyn Pride parade, a source with knowledge of the incident told

Insiders close to the 52-year-old banker claim the viral clip did not capture the full clash on Saturday, which began when a group of four female ‘Queers for Palestine’ supporters started allegedly taunting Kaye — who is Jewish — as he returned from dinner.

Kaye is said to have told the group that they were ‘on the wrong side’, prompting the women to gang up on him, the source said.

By the way, it was an excellent punch.

And when they’re acting like thugs (like the punchee was), I for one can’t see the problem with beating the shit out of a Palsymp shitforbrains anyway.  There should be a lot more of it.

“Queers For Palestine”, my aching Gentile ass.  Can you say “Deport these queers to Palestine to see how they’re received”, children?


  1. Wow! As a former martial artist I must say that was was an outstanding right hook! Dropped her like a puppet having its strings cut. Well done!

    1. And, having taken part in an assault on the man, including the throwing of liquid when Progressive activists have grown notorious for throwing lye-laced milkshakes at people, this twit will have the nerve to be SURPRISED.

  2. Wait. I thought The Left / The Mainstream Media said punching a Nazi was a good thing, right?

  3. None of the malcontents ever actually go to any of the places that they routinely tout as superior to wherever they’re currently living and complaining. Makes one suspicious of their motives and their sincerity.

  4. One report I saw mentioned a trannie – so who’s to say he actually punched a “woman”? I can’t find it now, but entirely possible that he hit a man instead.

    1. It probably was a man; he appears to lose his feminine postiche when he hits the deck.

    2. I agree – something about the punchee wasn’t feminine. That was a creep in drag.

  5. Given that NYFC is Hymietown and queertown, it’ll be interesting to see how this intersectional car crash plays out. 5 will get you 10 the puncher is a Biden, Schumer, Hochill acolyte

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