News Roundup (Biden Solo Edition)

It was all too much.  I tried like hell to suppress it, but the urge was too great.

oooh I bet that pissed off the old Commie bitch, even though he didn’t mean it (see below).

well, duh.  They’re anti-Communist, and he isn’t.

…sees no reason to ban travel from such a large continent:

which means it’s doomed.

probably because we already did.

even though he blocked the Keystone XL pipeline, which will help them do just that.

I just want to hear President Braindead explain the technology, without notes.

And now, some vintage pics of Jill Biden at the beach…

…just kidding.  Did you really think I’d risk losing all my Readers?  Here are some other oldies:



And the really risqué ones (panties alert!):

See y’all tomorrow.


  1. There’s a bunch of Joe Bidens.

    The President Joe Biden is a sock puppet with someone’s hand up his ass. That Joe Biden thinks whatever the Teleprompter tells him to think.

    The there’s the Joe Biden who is the Head Of State–he’s the guy who’s *responsible* for the decisions of those under him in the executive hierarchy, but not necessarily the one who directed the decision or action.

    Then there’s the actual human being. The one who’s brain is slowly decaying. It’s fairly common in dementia patients that they remember the far past better than the near past. So Joe *might* be mouthing stuff he said 30 years ago, or stuff he *thought* he was supposed to say back then.

    Or he may honestly believe it. The Regime (not just Biden, but the whole federal system including establishment Republicans) ) is not Communist. Nancy Pelosi is not a Communist. Hitlery Clinton is *certain* not a Communist. Joe Biden is not now a communist, or was he one back when his brain was more-or-less functioning. Occasional Cortex *might* be, but she’s dumber than an empty box, so whatever.

    Communism has as it’s aim the “withering away of the state”, and Pelosi, Clinton and Biden *would never allow that to happen*. It is not their goal, and in fact their goal is exactly the opposite–to massively increase their power, and the power of the state.

    Most of them aren’t even real Socialists. Socialists have as their goal not only redistribution of wealth, but also having The State take ownership of “the means of production” meaning today, businesses. Contemporary “Progressive” politicians don’t (usually) want to do this because then they’re on the hook for what happens when it fails. If the government owns it they can’t blame shift.

    Contemporary Progressives just want to tell businesses what they must, can, and can’t do and how much they have to pay for it, then they can say with a straight face “I’m not responsible for every undercapitalized business”, and think that they *can’t* be held accountable.

    So calling them “communists” is wrong, and demonstrably so. Calling them socialists is also wrong, but only subtly. The problem is that the dirtbags have turned socialism from a complete failure of an theory of economics into “the things we do together”, which is a fucking lie.

    1. Socialists in America have discovered it’s easier to be a socialist in a capitalist country than to be a capitalist in a socialist country.

      1. It’s easy to talk the socialist talk but not have to actually walk the walk. Hypocrisy is their name, and any of them with a brain think they will be exempt and above the misery their policy begets.

        When I’m king for a month, all Biden voters will be transported with only the clothes on their backs to live for four years in a socialist paradise. Some might be permitted to return if they survive.

    2. While Marxism may theorize the State will wither away none of the attempts thus far have shown any indication of that happening. Indeed, just the opposite: the State immediately takes on immense power and over time works diligently to maintain that control and acquire even more. Perhaps the Marxist apologists are correct when they whine, “They didn’t do it right!” as their noses are rubbed in the many examples of the failure of Communism. I posit, however, that never ending power of the State is a feature, not a bug, of any implementation of Marxism.

      1. The point being that communists/marxists would at least pay lip service to the notion of the ending of the state.

        These people don’t even pretend.

      1. No, most of them despise the notion of a “nation-state”. They’re definitely internationalists.

        Which makes them International Socialists.

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