Wokey Pokey

Seen at C.W.’s place a while back, this:

You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh hysterically.  “Diverse rolodex” ?

By the way:  the only “beautiful and diverse” thing is an actual rainbow.  As a social construct, diversity is unnatural and doomed to failure, but we’ll let the Loonies find that out all by themselves.

As for the title of this post, I have coined it to describe the death process that is intrinsic to Insty’s “Get Woke, Go Broke” expression.  So when some organization starts going into the crapper as a result of wokism, we’ll call it “doing the wokey pokey”.

It’s a happy little dance… well, for us, anyway.

Slim Pickings

Reader ChetP writes:

“I notice that your blogging seems to have fallen off recently.  Is everything okay?”

Thankee for asking, Chet, and yes, everything’s just fine.  The reasons that this back porch has been somewhat lacking in content recently are manifold.

I am sick to death of writing about the fucking Chinkvirus, probably as sick as everyone is getting about reading about said Chinkvirus.  Take Chinkvirus reports out of news coverage, and total content would drop by about half.

I am also sick to death of writing about the fucking election.  Personally, I can’t wait for the thing to be over, Trump reelected to a second term and the Communist Hysteria be dialed up to 25 (on a 10-point scale) so that I might finally get to test those New ‘N Improved hollowpoints on something other than paper.

Alert Readers will note that I have refrained from writing about Biden’s wastrel son and their familial corruption.  This is mostly like complaining about the flies buzzing around a dead horse:  the horse is dead and the flies are therefore irrelevant to his condition.  Biden’s going to lose (bigly) and all this other shit is just pointless.

If you skim through any online newspaper and subtract the above three topics and articles related thereto, your read will be a short one.  (“Bette Midler turns to Jesus for help in getting rid of Trump”  may be ironically funny, coming from someone whose previous behavior has, to put it mildly, been somewhat devoid of Christian principle, but it’s hardly worth writing about, is it?)

So the rest of today’s posts will all be about manly stuff like guns and cars, because that’s the primary reason why most of my Readers stop by here anyway.


From the former CEO of Twatter:

Ummm I’m just going to make a hypothetical situation here, but I would think that another kind of revolution (with different initiators, if you get my drift) could easily see media shitstains like this guy being among the first to be led to the helicopter pad.

Everyone’s all excited about curtailing something called “eliminationist rhetoric” from the public discourse, but I disagree.  Let these twerps show their asses enough, for identification purposes, and we’ll see how the biscuit breaks.

Even arch-eliminationist Che Guevara eventually found his own wall to be stood up against:

Just sayin’…

Not Lies, But A Catalogue

Over at The Federalist, J.B. Shurk posts an article which he describes as “10 Major DC ‘Consensus’ Lies President Trump Has Shattered Forever”.

I must respectfully disagree.  What Shurk has done is compiled a list, a catalogue if you will, of duplicitous, criminal and seditious behavior by the Left, committed over the past five-odd years or more, and all aided, concealed or actively abetted by a lickspittle Press which functions as their propaganda arm.

It is an invaluable list, and I urge everyone to read it.   A neck brace, to guard against injury caused by continuous nodding, may be necessary.


Jackals Of The Press #1,254

I know, I know:  if you want fair and balanced reporting, don’t read Britain’s Daily Mail.  Yet I persist, despite nonsense like this, because I am weak.

This particular article starts off well, showing people getting their last kicks in before the latest totalitarian bollocks from H.M. Government, in the usual Daily Mail  fashion:


All well and good, and nothing puts me in a good mood like Train Smash Women (like I said, I am so weak).

However, the DM then eschews standard journalistic principle — I know, I know — and turns a general-interest piece into a study of the Chinkvirus re-emergence in Britishland.  For reasons best known to themselves, they publish some scawwwwy-looking graphs with the usual crap predictions from Doom & Gloom Inc.:

…although they do have the grace to give some actual numbers:

…which of course shows that even though hospitalizations are increasing, the death rate (which is the important number) isn’t doing anything alarming.

But non-alarms don’t boost readership, so the JOTP publish two graphs which show how scawwwy things could get, only they use Spain and France — no doubt because those two countries’ experience bolsters the alarmism:

Of course, what gives this bullshit away is the way the graphs are scaled.  Note that the right-hand graph (of daily fatalities) has a very fine scale, which despite the steep climb, simply means that the Spanish fatality rate has gone from much less than 1 to just over 2 deaths per million population  (0.2 per hundred thousand = 2 per million), while the Frogs have gone from pretty much zero to 5 per ten million.

I don’t have access to those countries’ accident stats, but I imagine that 2 per million and 5 per 10 million respectively are rather less than the death rates from, oh, falling down stairs or drowning in a bucket of wine.

So the DM took a perfectly okay article about people getting their last unfettered drinks in, and added all that pseudo-scientific bullshit.  Of course, those are really subjects for two different articles (one of the prime journo principles being:  don’t try to tell two stories in a single article).

Were it not for daily pics of the skinny Amanda Holden and the not-so-skinny Kelly Brook, I’d give them up altogether.


But did I already mention how weak I am?