Not Much

I see that all the Press are getting all bent out of shape about the God-Emperor taking hydroxychloroquine as a potential prophylactic (in English, as a preventative) for the Chinkvirus.  I don’t know why they’re getting all excited because if the shit did kill him, we’d be seeing a lockdown-style run on tissues at supermarkets because they’d be wanking themselves to a standstill.

But that’s not what I want to talk about, here.  I used to take hydroxychloroquine or something very much like it against malaria, back when I were a troopie in the Seffrican Army, way back when we’d just made the change from shooting Redcoats to shooting Zulus.   You nah waddeye mean.

Other than some really strange dreams — I mean the kind that you get when you’re sick with a fever, real acid-trip stuff — nothing happened to me, healthwise.  And I never did get malaria, even though there were times when my mosquito bites resembled smallpox sores.

So it’s highly unlikely that POTUS will get sick from the stuff — although if what happened to me happens to him, his tweets are going to be really fun for a while.

Which will piss the establishment media off even more, so it’s a win-win all round.

Stupid People

One of the most unattractive things that has come out of the Chinkvirus pandemic has been the social shaming of people who, in the opinions of some, are ignoring the dangers of the virus’s spread.  Brits have coined a term “covidiots” to describe these people, hence (link in pic):

Well of course they would be fearful, because — and let’s be under no illusions about this —  when it comes to viral infection, only two things matter:  dosage (the actual number of viruses inhaled or ingested) and its subset, dispersion.

Most studies on infection take place in a closed room of about 400 sq.ft. (20′ x 20′).  Now take that outside (especially on a breezy day), and the dosage will be immediately reduced to an enormous degree because the wind not only disperses the virus-laden particles, but can even blow them apart, reducing their danger exponentially.  It’s why the Nazis went to all the trouble of building gas chambers at Auschwitz, instead of just spraying Zyklon-B on the hapless Jews out in the fields.

So to return to the above hysteria:  of course a majority of people are going to be apprehensive about going back to the office — it’s a closed environment, you idiots, and viral infection is definitely a possibility.  But out in the open air?

Nada, zip, zilch — as long as people keep some distance between themselves and strangers so that the open air can work its magic.  And don’t touch railings and other surfaces that others have touched without cleaning your hands with disinfectant wipes immediately afterwards.

And as for those idiot cops who keep harassing sunbathers, surfers and the like:  the cops should be tied to lampposts and hosed down with icy water (lest they get viral infections by getting too close to the people they’re harassing), e.g.:

And those moron journalists [redundancy alert]  who perpetuate this foolishness deserve the same treatment.