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For this story, Breitbart used this headline:

Well now, but that doesn’t really tell the story, does it?  Here’s what the headline should have looked like:

…because if you’re going to publish the race of the victim, you should also publish the race of the bad guys, right?

That’s just me;  always willing to lend a hand.

And this LeBron guy is a total asshole.  A Black billionaire who howls about racism at every turn — but when actual racism happens right in his backyard, he says nada.


  1. Headlines that didn’t result.
    -Congress to limit possession of hands and feet
    -Akron burns as White Lives Matter march in the street and folks “do some shopping”.

    Not surprised he was killed for using a water gun, after all, leaving the pickles off, or putting them on, the hamburger at McDonalds is just cause for a leap over the counter to assault the offending staff.
    Clearly beating someone to death for being squirted is all good.

    Continued lack of self control on display.

    If you read the report from 2 weeks ago when this first actually made the news outside Akron. The police wanted to assure us that “race was not a factor”.

    1. Whenever the race of a perpetrator is not mentioned in the news, it is invariably because the perpetrator was black.
      It is always a sign that race or religious affiliation is relevant when the media is unseemly in its haste to reassure the fools who consume its product that it was not a factor.
      I can say to a moral certainty that if this had been scum from the Westborough Baptist Church, that would have been squeezed into the headline somehow, just so Males and whites and Christians can be smeared by association.

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