Fitting Punishment

Here’s an interesting one:

A psychology student has been arrested for a hate crime after allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs at three Jewish children before spitting on one in Brooklyn last week.
Christina Darling, 21, was arrested on Friday and has been charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, endangering the welfare of a child and menacing [behavior].
In the video, the St Francis College student can be seen stomping up to an eight-year-old boy playing with two of his younger siblings – aged seven and two – and launched into an anti-Semitic tirade before spitting on him.
‘Hitler should have killed you all. I’ll kill you and know where you live,’ she yelled.

See, I don’t buy the “hate crime” thing at all, but spitting at someone is classed as assault, and a minor felony, ergo  this unpleasant little virago deserves some kind of punishment…

…which, under the reign of World-Emperor Kim would be that she be exiled for one year to live in Israel — Jerusalem, preferably.

The NYGovt could pick up the tab, which would be less than keeping her incarcerated.

Comply, Or Be Gone

What if your research (involving actual facts as opposed to feelings and/or dogma) shows that your employer’s cultural Zeitgeist  is completely wrong?

Silly boy;  if the corporation you work for is full of Marxism and Wokedom, you’re going to get defenestrated.

Which is what happened to this guy:

Zac Kriegman had the ideal résumé for the professional-managerial class: a bachelors in economics from Michigan and a J.D. from Harvard and years of experience with high-tech startups, a white-shoe law firm, and an econometrics research consultancy. He then spent six years at Thomson Reuters Corporation, the international media conglomerate, spearheading the company’s efforts on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced software engineering. By the beginning of 2020, Kriegman had assumed the title of Director of Data Science and was leading a team tasked with implementing deep learning throughout the organization.
But within a few months, this would all collapse. A chain of events—beginning with the death of George Floyd and culminating with a statistical analysis of Black Lives Matter’s claims—would turn the 44-year-old data scientist’s life upside-down.

By June 2021, Kriegman would be locked out of Reuters’s servers, denounced by his colleagues, and fired by email. Kriegman had committed an unpardonable offense: he directly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement in the company’s internal communications forum, debunked Reuters’s own biased reporting, and violated a corporate taboo. Driven by what he called a “moral obligation” to speak out, Kriegman refused to celebrate unquestioningly the BLM narrative and his company’s “diversity and inclusion” programming; to the contrary, he argued that Reuters was exhibiting significant left-wing bias in the newsroom and that the ongoing BLM protests, riots, and calls to “defund the police” would wreak havoc on minority communities. Week after week, Kriegman felt increasingly disillusioned by the Thomson Reuters line. Finally, on the first Tuesday in May 2021, he posted a long, data-intensive critique of BLM’s and his company’s hypocrisy. He was sent to Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion for the chance to reform his thoughts.

He refused—so they fired him.

I love the “chance to reform his thoughts” line — straight outta 1984, minus the rat cage strapped to his face.  His only mistake was going to HR at all — what did he think was going to happen?  Now go and read the rest of it to see the full extent of the rot.

For the umpteenth time, I am truly grateful that I no longer have to work for Global MegaCorp, Inc.

And final thought:

If the wire services continue to promote myths about race, violence, and policing, they will inflict grave harm on their reputations for fairness; they will also help unleash a new wave of destruction in America’s poorest and most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Both have already happened… and I don’t care if it gets worse.


Here we go:


Okay, that’s probably not going to happen.  So let the memes begin:

Well, let’s look at the circumstances:

So it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots:

Oh well.  Not that the Clintons were the only family involved:

And the last word:

Connecting With Voters

I’m not saying I applaud the actions below.  But for some reason my Schadenfreude  button got pushed, twice:

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) was carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia


Illinois Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford (D) and her husband were victims of a carjacking Tuesday evening

I have no idea whether these two Democrat politicians are of the Leftist persuasion — although suburban Philadelphia and “Illinois Senate Majority Leader” in a liberal, near-Chicago suburban district are pretty good indicators that they are — and if they are supporters of the BLM movement and philosophy, then it’s always good to see the biters bitten, so to speak.

Like I said, I’m glad they weren’t injured;  but to see our politicians the victims of the violent crime they sometimes turn a blind eye towards or even actively support — as long as it happens to others — is not a bad outcome.

Maybe they’ll think twice about their position the next time someone talks about enabling crime.

Defunding Consequences

Aaaaaand once again, we see “well-meaning” actions having unforeseen consequences — unforeseen only by those without common sense and / or brains, that is.

Last year, Burlington, Vermont, cut its police budget by nearly 30% through attrition. Now, people are afraid to speak up because they know they’ll be called “racist.”

It’s been more than a year and a half since the city cut its police budget, and now even the city councilor who proposed the cut is unhappy with the consequences.

Oh, and what consequences would those be in sleepy little Burlington VT, home to so many hippies, academics and Lefties? [some overlap]

The move to slash the police budget, however, has led city leaders, as NBC reported, “to reckon with the unintended consequences of that decision, including problems with public safety and quality of life, police and residents say.”

The unintended consequences of the resolution apparently showed up quickly, NBC reported. The council thought attrition would take years, but it was completed in months, leaving the police department understaffed. Police officers left en masse, leaving only about five to patrol at night. The police have had to shift focus to high-priority crimes and less on quality of life issues. Burglary, vehicle theft, mental health issues, and overdoses all increased with fewer cops on patrol.

You don’t say.

Local business owner Mark Bouchett told NBC that people were afraid to speak out about the problems that have arisen due to the reduced police force.
“If you speak out against defunding the police force, you’re labeled a racist,” he told NBC. “Or at least an idiot that doesn’t understand the problem.”

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Lefty assholes.  It’s just too bad that the good (conservative) folks of that part of Vermont have to suffer the consequences as well.

At least they’re not unarmed…

So Much For Security

Here’s one that made me go “Hmmm”:

Cocaine trafficker, 28, was caught by police after moaning on encrypted phone network Encrochat about how Covid lockdown was affecting his international drug dealing business.

Now I don’t care about this asshole — he got 16 years, and that’s good — but I can’t help wondering…

No, I’m not wondering.  It’s clear that all this encryption protection that the public imagines they’re getting is no more than a figleaf.

And yes I know, EncroChat was nothing more than a criminal enterprise facilitator — but remember that it’s the Fuzz who decides what exactly constitutes a “criminal enterprise”, and if they could penetrate EncroChat, they could have — and may already have — penetrated any encryption system or software.

Caveat emptor.