Splendid Isolation

Getting It Right

It’s not often that I find anything worthwhile in my former home country, but this is sure as hell in the top 3:

A police tactical firearms team in South Africa shot dead nine members of a brutal gang suspected of raping a young girl in front of her screaming mother.  But when shocking details emerged from the mother of the sexually tortured girl who was repeatedly raped during a house robbery, officials ordered a crackdown on the criminal group.

Swift justice was handed out when the elite unit was ordered by top brass to find the eleven men who had put their victim through such a sickening ordeal.

The ruthless gang based near Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province, is believed to be behind a series of serious crimes including murder and armed robbery.  

In this case, Africa certainly won, probably for the first time in ages.  None of that “fair trial” bullshit for animals like these.

Anyone think that when it comes to Murka and, say, MS-13 or Crips gang members, we should do the same?

I had no idea.

And About Time

One of the most pernicious insults to the concept of property rights is that so-called “squatters” (trespassers) are accorded “rights” to occupy a vacant building, simply because… well, I can’t actually think of any reason why this should be tolerated.

Which makes FuturePOTUS Ron DeSantis’s action even more praiseworthy:

DeSantis signed into law a unanimously-passed bill designed to combat so-called “squatters’ rights” and which puts the power back into the hands of law-abiding property owners and local law enforcement.

Compare and contrast this with the attitude of Commie states like California, New York and, for that matter, Britishland, where not only are squatters tolerated, but the actual property owners can get into deep legal doo-doo if they attempt to forcibly evict these trespassers — or worse:

Two squatters are being sought over the gruesome murder of a 52-year-old woman whose body was found stuffed in a duffel bag inside her late mother’s upscale Manhattan apartment last week, police said Thursday.

The victim, Nadia Vitel, was savagely beaten by the two perps when she discovered them holed up inside the 19th-floor apartment on East 31st Street last week.

Update:  two “teenagers” have been arrested after they fled NYFC for Pennsylvania.

Fucking animals.  And no prizes for guessing that various scumbag New York lawyers will be getting into fistfights over who can defend them in court.

You Don’t Say Pt. 2

Following on yesterday’s news from Denmark comes this new bombshell from Germany:

When it comes to crimes against life, 54 percent of cases of murder were committed by foreigners, while they were responsible for 64.8 percent of cases involving manslaughter.

Foreigners were also vastly overrepresented in robbery cases, including 65.5 percent of robberies, 75.6 percent of aggravated robbery, 93 percent of car thefts, 87.5 percent of handbag thefts, 93 percent of pickpocketing cases, 87.5 of violent burglaries, 80 percent of daytime burglaries, and 72.9 percent of street thefts.

Foreigners also committed 75 percent of money counterfeiting crimes, and 62.5 percent of sexual blackmail cases.

Foreigners were additionally responsible for 83.3 percent of human trafficking cases and the same amount of forced prostitution cases.

When it comes to serious sexual crimes, foreigners are also vastly overrepresented, with the data showing they were also responsible for 64.1 percent of all rape cases. In one of the most extreme data points from the new statistics, foreigners were responsible for 100 percent of serious sexual assault cases.

“But the Western whores were just asking for it”, the cultural relativists will wail.  “No wonder the pore Muslim- and African lads were led astray.”

Hang ’em all.  Yeah, the apologists as well as the rapists and murderers.

Strong Measures

Oh yes, this was predictable:

Hundreds of migrants overcame Gov. Greg Abbott’s barrier along the Rio Grande in El Paso after Texas National Guard soldiers were unable to hold them back.

Next step:  fix bayonets.

Penultimate step:  land mines on the other side of the razor wire.

Last step:  start shooting.  (As a Texas resident, I’ll even donate some personal ammo from Ye Olde Ammoe Locquere — I can start off with 200 rounds of 7.62mm NATO.)

Fuck this shit.

Gun? What Gun?

From his lair deep in the Soviet Republic of Taxachusetts, Reader Mike L. sends me this report:

Christina Sumner of Roanoke said she was shocked and concerned there was a loaded gun left in her rental car.
Sumner rented a car from Enterprise in Roanoke on Feb. 2, and everything seemed normal at first. Then Enterprise called her a day later, telling her there may be a gun in her car.

Well now, this is an interesting situation.  Note the qualifier “may be” in the last sentence;   in other words, Enterprise didn’t actually know there was a gun in the car — or perhaps they did, but wanted to cover their corporate asses.

However, this poses an interesting situation.  What if you’d already found the gun in the car, but told Enterprise that there had to be some mistake:  you could find no gun nor indeed any evidence of a gun in the car? 

Of course, I would be deeply conflicted.  On the one hand:  a “free” gun.  On the other hand, it was just some Europellet delivery vehicle, and therefore of little interest to me, so I wouldn’t mind handing it over.  Also, it being a 9mm means that the erstwhile owner may have been a state or federal official — especially if it was a Glock — and given the latter’s reputation of losing guns, or leaving them in public toilets etc., it wouldn’t surprise me at all that this might be the case.  That might certainly influence any decision between “Oh yeah, here it is, come and collect it”, or “What gun? / Finders keepers, numbnuts”.

But it’s a damn good thing the “missing” gun wasn’t a Les Baer or Kimber 1911 .45ACP…

Talk about temptation.

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