Neighborhood Reindeer Games

Several people have sent me accounts (like this one) of the latest BLM “protest” which happened in Plano (!!!) last week.

Several thoughts come to mind, especially as I’ve had some dealings with the Plano PD over the past couple weeks, as every fule kno, and I came away very impressed with their attitude.

What I also learned, in chatting with our local guy while CIS was dusting for prints etc. was that the attitude of people all over (not just in Plano, but all over north Texas) has been changing for the worse, in that people getting involved with the police are being a lot more aggressive — and not just with the police, either.

Back in June last year, there was a traffic accident at a corner not three hundred yards from my old house.  I know the corner well (Legacy and Independence), and as it happened, when the accident occurred there was a Plano uniformed cop filling up at the gas station on that very corner.  So the cop walked over — no need to drive, it’s twenty yards away — only to see that the female driver of the one car was leaning into the other driver’s window, and punching her out.  So he grabbed her to restrain her, whereupon he made the unfortunate discovery that she wasn’t punching the other woman, but stabbing her.  And when he tried to restrain this bitch, she stabbed him four times.  Luckily, three of the blows were deflected by his vest, but the fourth got him a good one in the upper left arm, and he started to bleed like a stuck pig.

The situation did not end there.

The stabbist then ran around the front of the car and wrenched the passenger-side door open, so as to continue with the stabbing.

Fortunately, the officer was not massively incapacitated from his stab wound — apparently, he would faint a little later from blood loss while waiting for the paramedics — but he was still able to pull his gun and shoot the bitch four times, whereupon she lost all interest in the proceedings, assumed the proper position on the ground, and very shortly thereafter achieved room temperature.

[pause to let the cheering and hollering die down]

Just in passing, both the cop and the stabbee survived the fun and games.  He was a twenty-five-year veteran of the Plano PD and was something like six months from retirement.  (Here’s the official report of the incident.  There’s a telling detail that I didn’t mention;  see if you can spot it.)

The cop who told me this story said that this change in attitude began during the Obama administration, and had only got worse and worse since.  (I note too that the Plano PD Chief has been spotted marching in an earlier BLM protest, and that is an issue to be addressed on another day.)

After Election Day 2020 I took the AK out of the car, figuring that now that the nation’s scum had got their wish and had Communists, wokists and BLM supporters in positions of power, they’d simmer down.  Clearly, this is not the case.

So tomorrow I’ll be off to Doc Russia’s to pick up the AK and return it to its proper position in the car.  I should have done it after dinner with him last week, but that was a couple days before the BLM incident on Plano’s east side, and who knew?  But times change, and I guess we have to change with them.

Let me say right now that I will not start anything should I personally encounter a situation like last Friday’s.  I won’t even get out of my car.  Unless things get really out of control — the video of the event shows that at least one BLM supporter had a handgun out and pointed at the “counter-protester” —  in which case things might get a little more interesting.  I certainly don’t take kindly to people pointing guns at me, no matter how much they believe they are “justified” in so doing;  and any attempt to bring violence on me will meet with some resistance.

And that’s a promise.

Good grief.  If shit like this can happen in Plano, it can happen anywhere in the United States.  Be on your guard and stay safe.  Or at least get a good group.


Oh yeah, this will work out well.  From the Museum of Absolute Fucking Lunacy (California Hall) comes this fine example:

California is set to release at least 63,000 inmates convicted of violent crimes in an effort to create “safer prisons.”

Safer prisons, unsafer cities.  Here’s the reasoning (if you can even call it that):

The goal is to increase incentives for the incarcerated population to practice good behavior and follow the rules while serving their time and participate in rehabilitative and educational programs, which will lead to safer prisons,” Dana Simas, a state Office of Administrative Law spokeswoman, said in a statement about the mass release of prisoners in the Golden State.  “Additionally, these changes would help to reduce the prison population by allowing incarcerated persons to earn their way home sooner,” she added.

So who are the lucky releasees?  All non-violent people in jail for forgery, tax fraud or embezzlement?  Right… not:

Of those who are set to be released, nearly 20,000 are serving life sentences.

Not everyone is happy about this news:

A number of Republican lawmakers in the state have opposed the move and criticized Gov. Gavin Newsom for acting “on his own authority, instead of the will of the people.”

I didn’t know California had any “Republican lawmakers” left — I thought they were 100% Socialist over there in the Golden Shower State.

I foresee murders.  Unfortunately, those murders won’t be of the people who are behind this foolishness.

Quote Of The Day

From Hizzoner NYGov Cuomo [okay, quit that spitting] :

“The streets of New York are not the OK Corral, and the N.R.A.’s dream of a society where everyone is terrified of each other and armed to the teeth is abhorrent to our values.”

Just a point of clarification, Herr Gauleiter :  at the O.K. Corral, everyone was carrying a gun — and lest you forget, the outlaws lost.

Compare that to the mean streets of NYFC nowadays, where only the bad guys have guns… and the law-abiding citizens suffer.  Is that part of those “values”, too?  If so, I want nothing to do with them, or you.


Yesterday I went over to our (still-being-rebuilt) apartment.  Not having any room in our tiny hotel room, on Wednesday I’d taken all the Boomershoot stuff and stored it in our (locked) garage, to be loaded into the rental SUV for the trip up to Idaho on Monday (tomorrow).

On Friday night, the garage was burgled and all the guns and related stuff stolen.

Rifle #1:  CZ 557 Varmint (.308 Win)
Scope #1:  Vortex Viper HS-T

Rifle #2:  CZ 550 American (6.5x55mm)
Scope #2:  Meopta Optika6 Illuminated (4.5-30x50mm)

Revolver:  Ruger Single Six (.22LR/.22Mag)

Also, a double-rifle hard case and two range bags.

And, of course, about a thousand rounds of .308 and 6.5x55mm ammo, all helpfully loaded into ammo cans, and a few dozen rounds of .45, .22 and 9mm (in the range bags).  Amazingly, a pair of expensive Steiner binoculars were tossed aside (!).

Total value of the stolen goods:  just under $6,000.

All our brand new replacement furniture, and electronics (TV, computer etc.) and all my tools (!) were untouched.  They were after the guns.  (Thank gawd I’d already moved all my other guns over to Doc Russia’s place, or else I’d be in even more trouble.)

According to the Plano PD (yeah, I have a case # and everything), there were no fingerprints left, which points to a pro job.  There is a pretty substantial group of suspects — this was not a case of a couple guys walking past and deciding that this looked like a likely place to burgle — but I’ll leave that to the cops to figure out.  They have the list.

What this means:

1.)  I’ve had to cancel Boomershoot this year — no point in going, no guns to shoot, no ammo, nada.  I’ve already canceled the rental SUV and hotel accommodation.  So we’re all clear on this:  I am spitting angry, but most of all I am embarrassed because many of you kind folks sent me money, not only for the drawing but to help with the costs of associated purchases for the trip — several items of which have already been bought.  Aaargh.  Nevertheless, if you are one of those people who specified that the money was for expenses, email me and I will refund you your money.  (Almost all the paper records I have were being kept — where else? in one of the missing range bags — so I have no clue what the total amount is;  but I’ll trust in your honesty.)

2.)  When the insurance company reimburses me for the guns (less my $500 co-pay of course), I’ll replace the CZ 557 and scope, and hold the lottery for that rig then.  I don’t know how long it will take for them to do this, most likely a few months.  Please be patient with me while I speak to the insurance company over the next few days.

3.)  I have no idea whether the guns will ever be recovered.