Working Well, Then?

Here’s yet another abject failure of Nanny Government and gun control:

One gun is being seized in London every day as gangs fuel a ‘vicious cycle’ of drugs-related violence, a Met commander warned today – as footage emerged showing officers finding a loaded weapon in a child’s drawer. 

Cdr Paul Brogden said more than half of shootings in the capital are related to drugs gangs or organised crime, with firearms being used to take out rivals or threaten people who owe money.

This is clearly fake news, of course, as the BritGov banned private ownership of handguns many years ago;  so this is doubleplusunpossible.

But we all knew it was a waste of time — well, by “all” I mean sentient people (of any nation) whose collective head was not stuck up its ass.


  1. please offset the pictures of those two bleeding hemrhoids with some random tottys of the day. UpChuck Schumer and DiFi should be below the fold

    1. The damage that old bitch did was unconscionable, but at least there was a small amount of pleasure when you got to see when she rotted away at the end.

      If we had 48 states (minus Califonica, and NFY), we’d be a lot stronger country as a whole.

      1. we can toss the California cities but keep the farmland. NYFC can rot, upstate is nice.

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