Okay, Wait

Here’s a headline which literally stopped me in my tracks — twice.  See if you can see where:

Actress cast as Richard III?  I thought casting men as women went out in the seventeenth century, but since when did casting women as men become a thing?  (As an aside, how will Dickless III play the seduction of Lady Anne in Act I Scene 2 without the audience breaking into uncontrollable laughter?)

And no, by all means play the hunchbacked king as a non-impaired man, which will make the “poisonous bunch-backed toad” line (among many other such insults in the play) completely meaningless.  Fucking hell;  why not just play Richard III as a frog, and have done with it?

Then again, this is Britishland, home of The Bard, where I once walked out of a dreadful performance of Macbeth (at the Barbican Theatre, by the Royal Shakespeare Company) at the halfway point.

So anything’s possible.  Expect to see a guest appearance by Willy Wonka or David Beckham in footballer kit during the final battle scene, where “Richard” utters the immortal line:

“A purse!  A purse!  My queendom for a purse!”


So What, It’s Only Jews

It’s hard to see how much worse the situation could get:

More than 30 synagogues in Massachusetts were targeted with bomb threats on Sunday, just days after its largest city, Boston, rejected millions of dollars in federal anti-terrorism grant money.

Why did they reject the funding?

The city council rejected the grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in a contentious 6 to 6 vote, with the opposition arguing that giving more funds to law enforcement would “do more harm than good” to minority communities.

Oh well, that’s okay then.  After all, it’s only Jooz who’d be targeted by the terrorists, but of course Jooz don’t classify as a “minority” group anymore because White Rayciss Who Invaded Peaceful Gaza.  Or something like that.

Let Boston sink.

Looking Backside

Now that the 2023 Formula 1 season has ended, Max Verstappen has been crowned King Of All Drivers, etc., some questions still remain.

Asks Onetime Drummer Knob:

Simple answer:  Liberty fucking Media.

Long answer:  Liberty fucking Media, a bunch of woketard American businessmen who bought into the trope that grid girls were “exploiting” womyns and glorifying “unnaturally beautiful” women because of the race organizers’ consistent refusal to make grid girls “more representative” of womyns by adding Lizzo-style fatties to the mix.

Imagine introducing this:

…to this:

…and I think you’ll see where I’m going, here.

So Liberty fucking Media just banned the whole institution from F1, the wokist assholes.  Which worked everywhere except Monaco, where the race organizers told them to take a hike.

Expect to see Monaco dropped from the F1 circuit at some point soon.  Oh there’ll be Reasons, e.g. “the Monaco streets are too narrow to race the new F1 cars*”, but it’s going to happen.

*The streets aren’t too narrow;  it’s the cars that have got fat and bloated.

…like Lizzo vs. the old-style grid girls.

Personality Hires


Apparently, Gen Z has decided that a skillset isn’t the most important thing you need in the workplace because morale and smiles are more important than all that efficiency nonsense, right?

I remember “personality hires” back when I was in the supermarket business.  We referred to them as “baggers”, because a) they didn’t need much in the way of job skills, and b) customers liked it when they interacted with young smileyfaces at the end of their transaction.

The best part was when these inkstains on the corporate blotting paper decided that they “deserved” either a salary increase or promotion just because they’d been on the job for a couple months.

It’s been a while, so I’ve forgotten the corporate-speak for “you must be out of your fucking mind”  or its companion statement, “fuck off and come back when you’ve proved why I shouldn’t fire you right now”.

If the only thing you’re bringing to a job — any job — is your “personality”, you may as well resign yourself to a life of poverty.  Or prostitution (e.g. in the public relations industry, don’t get me started).

Fucking entitled wankers.

Schadenböner Alert

You would have to have a heart of stone not to pee yourself laughing at this one, and I don’t:

Several Harvard University students came out quickly after Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Israel to blame Israelis for the carnage and support Hamas.

Public scrutiny fell on these individuals and now many appear to regret their pro-Hamas position.

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has reportedly put out a statement requesting aid for the students whose first reaction was to stand in solidarity with the terrorists who raped, killed, captured, and decapitated innocent civilians.

”They may require legal counsel, healthcare, mental health support, financial aid, or mentorship to navigate these turbulent and uncertain times,” the statement reads.

The Harvard Arab Alumni Association has expressed concern for the students’ “immigration status and future career prospects.”

Deport those who qualify, and put the rest on food stamps for, oh, the next twenty years.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to attend to my clothing.

Not Romans, They

Reader Mike L. sends me this little tale of bullshit:

Less than a week before Massachusetts observes Columbus Day, lawmakers and Native American advocates, some wearing traditional headdresses, asked a legislative committee to replace the holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day.

I’m getting so heartily sick of this nonsense, these attempts to rewrite history (at the expense of settled history, of course), and this glorification of what was essentially a bunch of savages.

Simply put:  what did these glorious “indigenous” people ever do for us, for civilization and for the land which would become the United States?  Where are their laws, their buildings and monuments, their written (as opposed to oral — i.e. invented) histories?

I’ll tell you where they are:  nowhere, because they don’t exist.

So what’s to “honor”, other than to acknowledge that they once existed?  Do we have “Neanderthal Day”?  Of course we don’t — and do not for one minute think that I’m comparing “indigenous” American peoples to Neanderthals;  although now that I think of it, I’m not exactly sure that the comparison isn’t apt, considering that the latter too left no laws, buildings, monuments or history pretty much for the same reasons.  We don’t even know that the cave paintings scattered all over Europe and Asia were created by Neanderthals.  Cave paintings weren’t much of a legacy, but they were something.

We commemorate achievements and actions precisely because what was done was (duh) memorable and had an effect on the world that followed.  I have for example far less issue (in fact, no issue) with, say, Martin Luther King Day than President’s Day (which simply mashed all those wonderful presidents’ individual achievements into some amorphous reason for retail promotions and sales).

We don’t have to commemorate simple existence, we simply have to acknowledge it — for example, in written history (which they didn’t have) — and get on with life.

In terms of world history, what Christopher Columbus achieved was greater than anything achieved by all the Indigenous Peoples’ leaders and chiefs combined, ever.  It is an absolute travesty to substitute his day of memory with some (once again) amorphous glorification of a group who collectively were nothing but inhabitants of this continent, whose originality was simply of greater vintage than people like Columbus, and whose legacy was… minimal, to be charitable.

Glorification of that is no more than a participation trophy, another artifact so beloved of the people who want to effect so insidious a change.

Fuck ’em.  Fuck ’em all.