Forewarned Means Nothing

Like nobody could see this coming.  From Buffalo NY:

“A school official reported that this very troubled young man had made statements indicating that he wanted to do a shooting, either at a graduation ceremony, or sometime after.”

This led to a referral for the troubled teen to a mental health evaluation.

[But] Gendron was later able to purchase firearms in the state.

I was told that NY had the strictest gun-purchasing laws in the U.S., and their politicians are always wailing about criminals getting their guns from out of state.

Not our boy Payton.  Bought his AR-15 right there near his home town in NY, and then went a-hunting at a supermarket 200 miles away.

He should be executed, of course (and Charles Lehman agrees with me), but he won’t be.

Instead, we’ll be told that blame for this little episode lies with the gun / White supremacists / the NRA / Tucker Carlson / websites like this one, etc., instead of with a troubled kid and the authorities who knew all about him and did nothing.

And if the above seems a trifle strong to you, see what City Journal suggests.

Nazzo Fast, Guido

There’s this (no link because paywall):

Ummm, at the risk of offending some people — and I have no truck with pro-abortion loonies harassing judges and bombing pro-life organizations, believe me — it seems that I do need to remind everyone that the anti-abortion groups have had their own nutcases in the past:  murdering abortion doctors, blockading and bombing abortion clinics and so on.

This is not a tu quoque  argument, by the way.  If someone tries to terrorize a judge for his opinion or ruling, or bombs a building, that by definition is terrorism.

Both sides stand accused.

And the “activist” media are assholes (and not just in this instance, either).

Staying Away

I don’t often visit Target stores because they so seldom have anything I want, and if they do, it’s at a premium price.  Guess I won’t be going there anytime soon anyway, what with this bullshit going on:

Target will be selling breast binders and packing underwear as part of its latest clothing collection just ahead of “Pride month” in June.

The retailer is known for celebrating June in a splashy, rainbow-colored way. It has been criticized for offering a pride collection for kids, specifically babies, for years. Now the company is catering to the trans community by promoting specialty garments specifically made for them.

According to Bustle, Target partnered with TomboyX and Humankind for the collection, which are both “queer owned, female-founded brands.” Merchandise will include the expected rainbow-colored messaging that’s become commonplace for these collections. It will also have some new items that a mainstream retailer like Target hasn’t sold before.

In the adult collection, a poem that includes the line, “For the queer lovers and everyone in between, for the rebels that fight to forever be seen,” is featured on tote bags, shirts, and beach towels.

There are also pride flag cat toys, including a giraffe designed in lesbian flag colors and stuffed teacup with rainbow tea, and three tea bags with the lesbian, transgender, and bisexual pride flags.

Call me whatever-phobic, but I just can’t see that any of that merchandise will be suited to me.

Idiots, or evil?  I report, you decide.

Ignorant Cow

I speak here of so-called comedian (comedienne?  I’m never sure) Whoopi Goldberg (real name:  Caryn Elaine Johnson) who culturally appropriated a Jewish surname in order, one assumes, to get ahead in show business.

‘Twas this same Whoopi who declared on the TV bitchfest a.k.a. The View that in her opinion, Jill Biden should be nominated as Secretary of Health Services, “because she a doctor” — when anyone without terminal ignorance would have known that Mrs. Biden’s doctorate was not in Medicine (M.D.) but in Education, surely the lowest intellectually-ranked PhD outside Womyn’s Studies.

This ignorance has been extended yet again, when Our Caryn Whoopi:

…called on the royal family to “apologize” for slavery

Would it be crass to inform Whoopi that Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s (oops) His Majesty King William IV’s Government outlawed slavery in 1833*?   And that future King Charles III and after-him William V have both offered royal apologies for their country’s use of slavery, several times in fact?

In the (paraphrased) words of South African protest singer Koos Kombuis**, “How much longer do we have to say we’re sorry?”

Someone should ask Ms. Johnson Goldberg et al. that very question — but the answer would undoubtedly be “FOREVER!” because otherwise who would the race hustlers have to blame for their shortcomings?

*In terms of European monarchies, the first to outlaw slavery was Denmark in 1803, followed by The Netherlands in 1814, Spain in 1817 and Greece in 1818.

**It’s a pity that Koos sings almost exclusively in Afrikaans, because his lyrics are at once savage and hysterically funny.  He and I are not related, and he’s only two weeks older than I am.