When You’ve Lost The Dutch

Dutch people, as a rule, are famously tolerant and generally speaking, a decent lot (except when occupied by Nazi Germany).

So when the Dutchies use bulldozers and batons to clear out a terrorsymp encampment, you have to know that your cause may be in trouble.

And if the above two links didn’t elicit at least a grim smile from you, we can’t be friends.

My suggestion for riot control, as always, is a little stronger than bulldozers and batons:


  1. Amsterdam is lost, so are a few other Dutch cities (Rotterdam, Arnhem, maybe Utrecht and Nijmegen for example).
    The country as a whole is not. But sadly those cities produce 90%+ of elected officials and senior government bureaucrats. And no, getting into those groups as an outsider is nearly impossible, they know full well the general population are their enemies and they simply close the door and won’t hire or appoint you.

    Nobody is facing charges for their violence, vandalism, and openly calling for genocide. Not because there is no evidence, but because the AG office is firmly in the hands of the far left political class and they simply won’t prosecute anyone unless you’re right of Stalin.

      1. yeah, and the roads they were operating on wouldn’t take a mine flayer tank (or indeed any tank), if the Dutch armed forces even had any left (which they haven’t, the last were sold for $1 each to Peru in 2011, “peace dividend”, iow budget cuts to give more money to the EU).

  2. the Dutch should have put blockers and barricades in place to stop the terrorist supporters from getting away.

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