1. I got a Remington Model 78 30-06 as my first new gun. The 78 was the 700 receiver and barrel but it had a cheaper Birch stock. I put the top of the line Simmons scope on it that more than tripled the value of the gun. I picked up a 700 BDL stock some 20 years back but this rifle has been my goto big game rifle for 40 years.

  2. and just like that my honey do list has vanished into thin air.

    A good bolt action rifle should be at the core of everyone’s battery of rifles.


  3. First comment from C&Rsenal:

    “Some have been concerned about the length of this episode. I just want to remind everyone that we had to keep it this short to make it accessible to new viewers. Sometimes, you have to be concise over being complete.”

    Pure genius.

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