Oxi Day

From Longtime Reader Brad:

You tell of your Grandfather on a yearly basis… his quiet determination to live his life, support and protect his family, etc.
Perhaps you recall columnist John Kass from The Trib — he’s indie now — he bailed earlier this year immediately after lefty vulture “capitalists” bought The Trib.
I give you this

I always liked to read John Kass back when I lived in Daley City, and this ranks up there with his best.  Wonderful, and humbling.

Thanks, Brad.


  1. The Progressive establishment would really like us to forget the bitter fight for freedom that has taken place all over the world. The wins and the losses. Because they are fundamentally anti-freedom. They are the ‘experts’ who live to tell the bovine masses what do to and how to live. They are no different from any other aristocracy…or from The Despicable Austrian and his jackbooted thugs…and they actually lionized Stalin, until that was no longer practical from a PR standpoint.

  2. “…But he bit his lips, took a deep breath and told the judge, yes, he’d fight for America, his new country, against the country of his birth, the one he’d spent decades fighting for.

    If America needed him, he’d fight.

    It took years for my brothers and I to muster the courage to ask him why.

    “So you’d be free,” he told us. “So no other country can come here and put their boots on your necks.”

    On every Oct. 28, on Oxi Day, I think of my father and those like him.”

    My God, the pollen is bad today.

    We’ve been given so much as our birthright or through naturalization – and we’re about to let it slip away.


  3. I read these words, and I think of a smallish man who married an older sister of my mother, who came to America as a teen-ager, and when his new country called, stepped forward and served – and was gassed in the trenches of France.
    He never in the twenty years I was privileged to know him, ever said one bad word about his new country.

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