Dept. of Righteous Shootings

Here’s the full story, but the executive summary runs as follows:

Shithead with an unknown grievance storms into an Amazon warehouse parking lot and shoots some other guy several times.

Unfortunately for him, this was not Amazon Warehouse (UK) nor even Amazon Warehouse (OR):  no, this was Amazon Warehouse (AZ).

We know this because another Amazon employee happened upon the scene, drew his own gun and shot the Aggrieved One stone dead.

Also good news: the first guy has apparently survived the shooting.

But wait! there’s more:

An Amazon spokesman, Richard Rocha, said the company is working with law enforcement as it investigates the shooting.

He said: “We are deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence in our parking lot.

“We’re working closely with law enforcement as they investigate and are focused on supporting our team during this difficult time.”

The way to “support your team”, Mr. Amazon Spokesman, is NOT TO FIRE Our Hero, who probably saved many lives by his action.

I’ll be watching this closely, because Amazon.

My Kinda Guy

The Kim Award for Honest Speech and Straight Talk goes to Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County FL for this outstanding comment:

People have a right to be safe in their homes… I highly recommend, if a looter enters your home, you grab your gun and you shoot him, you shoot him so he looks like grated cheese.

I bet he drinks straight bourbon with a vitriol chaser.

No doubt some fainting goats will have a problem with his fine suggestion;  just nobody on this website.

Good Things For A Hero

This is a Good Thing:

A Republican representative [Jim Lucas] from Seymour, Indiana, has created a GoFundMe account for 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, the young man who stopped a mass shooting at a mall earlier this month.
Dicken has retained legal counsel, Lucas noted. “I ask for your contribution to help with Eli’s legal and financial challenges that lay ahead of him,” the Republican said. “EVERY PENNY of your donation goes to Eli to be used for his legal defense, counseling, potential time off of work or whatever financial challenges he may be faced with.”
The account, which has been confirmed by The Republic, has already raised more than $62,000 for Dicken.

I gave $20;  I only wish it could be more.  And one last thought: 

Sometimes, good things come in a plain wrapper…

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Is there a man alive* who doesn’t get the Warm ‘N Fuzzies from reading this?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch notes that the alleged robber entered the store and “announced a robbery.” He then allegedly put a knife to the clerk’s throat and demanded money from the cash register.

At one point during the incident a customer who had just exited the store looked through the window and saw the suspect allegedly dragging the clerk “while she was screaming.”

The customer grabbed a pistol from his vehicle, went inside, and confronted the suspect.

The suspect then allegedly walked toward the customer, holding a backpack in outstretched arms and saying, “I have something for you.”

The customer opened fire and the suspect collapsed.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

When all you can complain about is the grammar (“exited the store”?), it’s a happy day indeed.

Well, except for the “alleged” goblin, but fuck him.

*unless you’re in the Uvalde Police Department, that is.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Most of the time, Righteous Shootings take place inside a house, as a homeowner protects life and home against the predations of goblins intent on unauthorized property redistribution and / or unwanted sexual advances, etc.

But this is America, where a mall can also feature such an event:

Breitbart News reported that a suspect opened fire in the Greenwood Park Mall food court around 6 p.m.

The attacker was able to kill three people before a 22-year-old armed citizen intervened, shooting the attacker dead.

Bravo, kid.  We’re all proud of you.  As are the police:

Greenwood, Indiana, police chief Jim Ison described the 22-year-old who shot and killed a mall attacker as the “hero of the day.”

You betcha, Chief.  Only in some disgusting country (e.g. New York) could someone be arrested for doing something like this.


The Simon Property Group, which owns the mall, states in its code of conduct that no weapons are allowed at their shopping centers. The policy was last updated in April 2020.

Bet they’re glad someone broke their pissy little rule now.  And they are:

“We grieve for the victims of yesterday’s horrific tragedy in Greenwood. Violence has no place in this or any other community. We are grateful for the strong response of the first responders, including the heroic actions of the Good Samaritan who stopped the suspect.”

Uh huh.  I’ve seldom obeyed the “no weapons” signs anyway, unless there are metal detectors inside.