Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Let’s hear it for Idaho grannies:

The 85-year-old mother of a disabled son committed a “justifiable homicide” in Idaho when she shot an armed burglar who snuck into her home and threatened to “kill her multiple times,” a county prosecutor said.

Christine Jenneiahn presented “one of the most heroic acts of self-preservation” that Bingham County prosecutor Ryan Jolley has ever heard of when she shot and killed 39-year-old Derek Condon, according to an incident review written Tuesday.

Yup.  The only bad thing that happened in all this shooty goodness was that before expiring, the goblin was able to get off a few shots himself, wounding Our Heroine (may she have a complete and speedy recovery).

In the meantime, please do the usual:

My Favorite President

Who else but Calvin Coolidge?  Watch this video, and realize two things:

Our current problems are neither new nor exclusive.  Immigration, taxation rates, federal spending, employment, whatever:  they existed in the 1920s, and Coolidge addressed them all, and properly.

Character matters.  Character, public character, matters.  Compare and contrast that of Coolidge with any modern president (i.e after Eisenhower), and realize how rare it is to find someone who can govern on principle — principle based on the Constitution and not on some other basis.

At the end of the above video, one of the commentators says, “He is exactly what we need at this point in time.”

I beg to differ.  We need such a man all the time, every time, to be our President.

I want all our future presidents to be more like Coolidge.  So does Amity Shlaes.

End of story.


If you’ve got nothing special to do for a couple of hours this evening, take a look at Ronnie O’Sullivan, yet again wearing his opponent down by sheer persistence and peerless skill, even though down by three frames at the beginning of the video.

What’s amazing is that Ronnie was not at his best and it showed in a couple of careless misses, but even against an opponent who was the class of the field all week (scored more centuries than anyone ever has), the Rocket just held on and battered away, becoming the oldest Masters winner ever.  And that with an elbow injury so severe he couldn’t raise the trophy afterwards, needing his kids to do it for him.

Pure magic.

If you want to do the marathon, here’s the whole match.  Watch it over three days, like I did.  (Of course, it’s been colder than the Witch of Endor’s tits this week, so I had little else to do.  YMMV.)


On this day, a few years ago:

Not that we’re still angry about it, or anything — or else Toyota wouldn’t still be the top-selling automotive brand in the United States.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From Melbourne (Florida, not Strylia duh) comes this little story:

One man is dead and two others wounded after West Melbourne police said a group of people broke into an apartment early Sunday and were met by an armed homeowner.

The shooting happened at about 2:25 a.m. at the Reserves of Melbourne apartment complex in the 2200 block of Launch Court, just south of West New Haven Avenue. The suspects are believed to be in their 20s, said Graig Erenstoft, spokesperson for the West Melbourne Police Department.

The latest incident unfolded after several people, possibly armed with at least one firearm, forcefully broke into an apartment, police said. The homeowner, who had a gun of unknown caliber, fired on the group, striking at least three of those carrying out the home invasion, police reported. Police arrived minutes later along with paramedics.

One unidentified suspect was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center where a doctor later pronounced him dead. Another suspect turned up on his own at the hospital and was treated for his wounds, police said. No details were released about the third person who was shot.

Hey:  one out of three ain’t bad, but clearly Our Hero needs a little range time, should any such occasions arise in the future.  (Because if his house was targeted, there may well be a repeat performance.)