5 Worst Things About The Impeachment Trial

Ranked in order of heinousness:

  • No pole dancing allowed in the Senate chamber
  • When the Senate tosses this shit out on its ass, the screaming from hair-on-fire Leftists will be so loud and shrill that dogs will have to wear hearing protection
  • Schiff and Nadler won’t be publicly hanged in the Rotunda when Trump is cleared
  • Nor will Nancy Pelosi
  • The Democrat Socialist Electoral Clown Show will once again dominate the news cycle

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  1. The best that can be said about this lop sided clown show is that at least the criminals are too wrapped up in it to be creating real mayhem for us minions. To which I say, “Keep the clown rodeo going in perpetuity!”

  2. I keep a list of topics to be included in the New Constitution, after the Article-V convention…things like requiring a supermajority of 75% to not have a balanced budget, Congress and their staff get no pay if a budget isn’t approved and signed by the President by the start of the fiscal year, things like that.

    We can include a clause that requires the permanent dismissal from ANY federal office of any politician that votes FOR an impeachment of a President, and the vote fails…both in the Senate, and the House…

    1. “All government workers are subject to the same laws as the populace.” No special Post Office, insurance, etc. If I’d go to jail/pay a fine/whatever for doing (or not doing) it, so does Congressweasel Smith.

  3. “Schiff and Nadler won’t be publicly hanged in the Rotunda when Trump is cleared”

    Ah, but a far worse fate awaits them. They have failed in their holy quest and will now face the wrath of Nancy.

    Sort of like when Slow Joe Biden failed to produce the New and Improved Assault Weapons Ban for The Anointed One. (This could go a long way in explaining why TAO has withheld his blessing of Slow Joe’s campaign.

    And as for Chucky Schumer, he’ll be forever known as “The Senator That Lost.”

      1. I’m pretty sure that Botox Barbie will make sure her district will be one of the ones NY loses after the census. So she offs Schumer for the Senate, or it’s back to bartending.

  4. The lack of pole dancing could be a feature not a bug, depending on who is doing the dancing.

    You really want to see Lie-a-watha Warren doing a pole dance? Or Chuck Schumer?

    I now have to go rinse my brain out with bleach.

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