1. “Well, you did say you wanted to do it doggy style this time. Can I finish this smoke first?”

  2. What you get when you don’t meet the future mother in law until after the wedding.

    Don’t ask how I know.

    1. What was the third thing that was possible in Merle Travis’s Song? Something about lard?

  3. This is life at 40.

    No matter how good she looks now, give her 20 years, 3 kids, 2 divorces, and this is the result.

    There’s good beer and there’s cheap beer. This is the reason for cheap beer.

  4. Won’t You Come Home Bill Baily
    Won’t You Come Home
    I’m Home The Whole Night Long
    I’ll Do The Cookin’ Honey
    I’ll Pay The Rent
    I Know That I’ve Done You Wrong
    Remember That Rainy Eve That I Drove You Out
    With Nothin But A Fine Tooth Comb
    Yes I Know That I’m Too Blame
    Ain’t That A Shame
    Bill Baily Won’t You Please Come Home

  5. Is there a free-coupon embedded somewhere in that pix for the Brain-bleach we all are screaming for?

    1. Puhlease.

      This is the internet, if that bothers you you ain’t been here long and you ain’t gonnna last.

    1. Hi, I’m Jiggles Flabeau, and I think it’s perfectly normal to squat in my front window… and the neighbors think chucking rotted vegetables at me is perfectly normal, too!

  6. Shamu: “The cigarette is extra.”

    John: “Why is the cigarette extra? Why would I pay you to smoke?”

    Shamu: “It covers the smell.”

  7. You dumb shits, looking down your nose at some good some’thin, hell, one box of wine and she will turn purty, don’t ya know? Jest drink her purty, al was works, don’t ya know?

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