1. Well, she’s right on #2. The Army (well, at least the Legion Etrangere) is all over Paris guarding monuments like the Eiffel Tower.

      1. Bold talk from the Island with 2 carriers and less Navy personnel than we have Marines..

        Congrats on leaving the EU though.

  2. If I knew anyone local to me who was from Britain, I’d take them a card and offer congratulations.
    As it is, I think I’ll give the kids some fireworks to set off tonight at midnight GMT.

    1. Speaking of fireworks, you think the Brits will start celebrating their Independence Day like we do?

      I’m wondering what their version of it would be like.

  3. As I write it is about an hour and ten minutes to BREXIT. Kim, what are your celebration plans? I’m going to have several stiff drinks and salute Mr. Farage who truly deserves a Knighthood for this or even a Life Lord.

  4. Tom Kratman created this some time ago, to the tune of “Ode toJoy.” It seems particularly appropriate today.

    Fuck the European Union!
    Fuck the Hague and ICC!
    Fuck their rules and regulations;
    Fuck the whole bureaucracy!

    Asshats, Bastards, Cowards, Dimwits,
    Excrement-Feeding, Gallows-bait.
    Hang the swine Higher than Haman,
    Ignorant Jackasses, Knaves.

    Watch them purge the bent banana.
    See your taxes rise and rise.
    See your nations fall to ruin.
    Watch as every freedom dies.

    Lick-ass Morons, Nincompoops, Oh,
    Pity the Quagmire these Reds made.
    Sycophants and Thieves, the whole crew,
    Underworked and oVerpaid.

    Friday Mornings EUnachs sign in
    To ensure their holidays
    Are paid for by lesser people.
    Others call those people, “slaves.”

    To the lampposts, Europeans.
    Tie the knots and toss the ropes.
    Fit the nooses, haul the free ends
    Stand back; let the bastards choke.

  5. I thought “Swarms of Paedophilic Bats” was the latest album by that band Widespread Cannibalism. Huh.

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