Hoofbeats? Yup, Definitely

“It is called a manicure after all!”

Actually, “manicure” has nothing to do with men.  It derives from the Latin word manus (hand).  But if only ignorance were the biggest of my complaints.

Great Jupiter’s Ravished Anus.

“I like having a new way to express myself,” Cusick tells The Post. “My wife gets her nails done regularly, and after I started painting my nails at home, she suggested I come along with her. I see celebrities doing it all the time.”
Cusick opted for black nails with a skull design that he found on Instagram under the hashtag #guynails, which has more than 1,400 posts. Next month, he plans to go back to get “something book-themed” for a publishing party.
“I’m already a bit obsessed,” Cusick says. “I’ve always been comfortable with fashion that’s not stereotypically masculine. This just feels like a natural extension of that.”

I feel queasy just having read the article.


  1. There’s the problem, right there in the first 4 graphs of the piece. They frequent the “Juice Bar” and their role models are David Bowie and Mick Jagger .. Prime examples of Manly men.

    Somebody needs to be the cannon fodder …..

  2. Sometimes so men type people who are not acting right need a bit of slapping up the side of the head for readjustment. This fingernail crap comes under the heading of just wrong, men need clean trimmed nails, not extra metal stuff stuck under the skin hanging off the face, or elsewhere, go easy on the tattoos so they don’t look like they spent time in jail with a stoned, cross-eyed, do-it-yourself tattoo artist for a bunkmate. These men type people were not bullied enough when they were kids.

  3. I’m with OldTexan.
    Some constructive bullying is sorely missing from these folks history.

  4. Hard no on the manicure. The only salon experience a man should desire to have is a straight razor shave and even that is optional. A man should trim his nails on his own to a short length that allows him to both work with his hands and still handle his lady’s delicate bits without irritation.

  5. So “Fashionable Millennial Men” is the new Politically Fashionable term for “Hipster Twit”?

    1. I report, you decide.

      My initial impression, “Limp-Wristed Butt-Boys”, would no doubt be called “hateful” nowadays — although “hate” is probably not strong enough for the way I feel.

      1. I certainly wouldn’t do it, but skulls beats flowers.

        Just imagine nails with a shotgun or 1911 painted on each finger.

  6. And here I am, dreaming of the day I can get robot arms with built in tools, USB ports, and integrated sidearms.

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