Vote Of Confidence (Part Deux)

The ascension of the Commies to the BritGov in Britishland caused people to start looking for places to get away from Commissar Starmer’s policies (as reported here). especially after when literally only a few hours into power, he unveiled all sorts of wickedness.

Over the Channel, then, there came this:

France’s leftwing parties have begun jockeying to lead the country’s next government after their unexpected parliamentary election victory thwarted Marine Le Pen’s efforts to bring the far right to power. Amid warnings from a former European Central Bank chief that their spending plans risked catastrophe, members of the hastily cobbled-together leftist Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP) jousted with each other over who to back for prime minister. The NFP won the most seats in the National Assembly after the second-round vote on Sunday, but is far short of a majority, although it ended ahead of both President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble alliance and Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (NR).

The results marked a success for centrist and leftist parties’ bid to form a common “front républicain” by pulling out of races to avoid splitting the anti-RN vote. It was also a stinging setback for Le Pen. But the leftist bloc — which ranges from the centre-left Socialists to Greens, communists and the far-left La France Insoumise, its biggest constituent party — will struggle to form a government.

“Within the week, we need to be in a position to present a candidate for prime minister and force the president to take this situation into account,” said Olivier Faure, leader of the Socialists, who made gains on Sunday. He also hit out at Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the LFI’s firebrand leftist leader, as “certainly the most divisive” figure within the NFP bloc and as lacking the consensus profile needed for the post of prime minister.

And to the surprise of absolutely nobody:

Prominent French Jews Urge Fellow Jews To Leave Following Left Dominating Elections

…because the Left in Europe (and especially in France) are virulently pro-Muslim and ant-Semitic (as are all French Muslims, almost by definition).

But even more telling is this:

Wealthy and Productive French Citizens Are Eyeing Escapes to Switzerland, Italy

…not all of whom are Jews, of course, but a good number must be.

Popcorn anyone?

Might as well sit and watch the bonfires Over There until the Socialists steal our own next election (again).


  1. I’m not impressed with people saying “I’m leaving if I don’t get my way”. Let ’em publish “Here’s why I left” articles.
    And ALTNGA has all the people we need. You guys in Texas take these losers who gave away their country at your peril. And to all our peril once they vote… 🙁

  2. It’s interesting that the only two political orientations available are Left and Far Right.

    1. Sten, think of Newton’s “To every action…” dictum. The answer may lie there.

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