Just One Winner

Of all the headlines you’d like to read in whatever media tomorrow, what would you most like to see?  (No, not “AIDS Cure Found In Dolphin Livers” — go bigger.)


I’ll leave the sub-head / followup article to you, in Comments.

And by the way, I have a sneaking suspicion that more than a few Democrats wouldn’t mind seeing it either.  But think of all the wasted paper involved in their pre-printed fake ballots…


  1. President Chokes Vice President To Death While On Death Bed
    In despondent grief, all democrat politicians commit suicide.

    1. Kamala Harris Killed In Traffic Accident
      En Route To Biden Death Bed

      Was Travelling With Prince Harry
      And Meghan Markle

  2. October 15, 2024:
    Trump Appointed Federal Judge Releases Epstein Client List – 80% of House Democrats Face Child Sex Abuse Charges

  3. White House staff find Biden dead at Oval Office desk with pants down;
    VP Harris discovered under desk.

  4. At Biden funeral, Hillary, Jill Biden, and Kamala start cat fight, fall into grave, break necks.

  5. Kampala Harris killed en route to President Biden’s deathbed.

    The Vice President was killed by a meteorite that, according to first reports, was made of tungsten and weighed approximately 200 pounds. It hit her limo as it sped to Walter Reed Hospital, pierced the roof, and killed her instantly. There were no other injuries and no other cars or other property was damaged.

    Herr Doctor Professor Rudolph von DortmundundEssen, Professor of German History at the University of Heidelberg, said that these events prove again the wisdom of Otto von Bismarck who pointed out that, “There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and the United States of America.”

  6. Lamestream Media abandons the racist Democrat death cult and starts airing and publishing retractions and supports conservative policies.

    I’d like to see that headline

  7. Obama, Clintons and Biden families hit with RICO lawsuit and overwhelming evidence. Obama denied entry to indonesia and returned in custody to the United States. No Democrats available for comment as they are all in shock

  8. Okay, okay, you drunk me into it:

    Kamala Harris has been transported to the hospital in a dead condition after reporters say her motorcade swerved to avoid the body of George Floyd, who died from complications of childbirth because the officers had no way of knowing the fetus was a pumpkin full of mice. The Vice President was hastening to replace President Biden on his deathbed, when her limousine shot over a grassy knoll and tumbled into Poucha Pond. First Lady Jill Biden scrambled frantically over the trunk of the car to retrieve the Vice President’s brains, but couldn’t find any. Emergency Room staff stitched Ms. Harris’s eyelids shut and administered a heart stake, which only confirmed the on-scene medic’s declaration of death.

    Sources inside the White House report that Hunter Biden appeared red-eyed and weary as his father lay dying, possibly from complications of his presidential emergency plug. Reviews of President Biden’s debate performance indicate he may have been straining to explain his discomfort at the time. As a final gesture of goodwill to the American People, President Biden donated his shoes to the Key Bridge reconstruction effort, where they will be used as pontoons. Hunter Biden reportedly took solace in the arms of Meghan Markle, as Prince Harry looked on in frustration.

    1. I think if you could weave some over the southern border illegals into your story, you’d have the basis for a hit movie by today’s standards.

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