1. one highly-educated (musically) commentor, three years ago, went out of his way to say, with extreme courtesy, the piece is quite “youthful”.
    I agree.

  2. Disclaimer:
    One reason I settled in the area of Eugene, Oregon is the brilliant Music School at the Eww.
    I attended many hundreds of recitals and masterclasses — in addition to concerts — over the decades.
    Today’s piece seems immature.
    The performer seems angry and annoyed.
    I heard better by 18yo first-year students.
    If I was a judge at a competition, I would suggest that poor musically-disinclined student would benefit from a year abroad… perhaps Somalia.
    For today’s tone-deaf performer — no need to discuss the sheer lack of phrasing — I think a perfectly-legitimate alternative to further music studies might be a shop class.
    An internship at a tire recycling operation might serve to lighten that touch…

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