Today’s Earworm

Do yourself and listen to Level 42’s Leaving Me Now  with headphones, just to see how the incredible layering of instruments can transform what is a basic ballad into an absolute masterpiece.  Beethoven would have loved it.

And of course, I yield to no man in my admiration of bassist extraordinaire Mark King.  Keep the ‘phones on.

Today’s Earworm

Open invitation, baby.

Okay, I have to talk about this a little, so please indulge me.  Santana’s Inner Secrets  album is easily one of the albums of the decade — its own decade, hell, any decade — and our band got into this album more than any other except for maybe Abraxus.  (As I recall, we played four songs off Inner SecretsStormy, One Chain, Open Invitation and Well Alright, and we killed them.)

Anyway, the other day I popped this into the WhatsApp group the surviving band members have put together, and the reaction was immediate, both inside the chat group and in private messages thereafter.

And to a man, we all missed Kevin, because in a couple of songs, at a couple of gigs, he blew Carlos’s doors off.  Purple patches, baby.